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Mujeres in mud

In the municipality of Profundity, ten missionaries share a passion. Do you want to know what unites these “mud women”? We tell you about it.

In the municipality of Depth, in the Department of Candelaria, Misiones province, there are ten mud women.  Ten missionaries who share the same passion: the modeling of ceramics with rhea clay . What initially began as a hobby today is an  entrepreneurship  that seeks to create a space to emponder women missionaries. In addition, it is a collaborative and local production project, where knowledge is shared horizontally.

This venture, which includes  hands , wooden pallets, stones and pre-Hispanic design, already has a name.  “ Entre Mujeres y el Barro” is called the missionary gender experience . Your deepest longing? Convert to a municipality of 500 inhabitants into the provincial capital of  ceramic  modeling with rash clay. Will they make it?

 When they propose 

The mud women of Depth got “down to work” with their venture. And, as the saying goes, when the  missionaries  propose something there is no one to stop them. Soon, they plan to build a community furnace to continue and expand their activities. The idea is that it is a tool that everyone can use, in collaboration with those who have the most knowledge. In addition, each workpiece is sought to have the necessary quality for marketing.  Productions of mud women can now be found on the online sales platform  Pymes Misiones . 

But the profundity women's project is much more than a productive entrepreneurship. It has to do with the experience of  missionaries  in contact with art and earth. “We seek to achieve a sense of group belonging, that is very clear who we are and what we seek to achieve,” explained one of the members.

Many of the women said that when they joined the group, they did not have knowledge of ceramics.  It was later, being part of the experience, that they discovered that they were very talented.  And, most importantly, they had collective projection as  women and entrepreneurs .

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