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Motorcyclist for passion

About our motorcycles it doesn't matter if you're a professional, employee, businessman or official... about our motorcycles we're motorcyclists and that equals us.

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Motociclista por pasión

 By Pablo Czerwonko 

 Doctor  by choice,  motorcyclist  for passion.

I remember that I liked motorcycles all my life, as a boy I watched them pass on the route, seeing them travel in a caravan to who knows where I had a  magnetism  and thought that someday I would be there.

For various reasons I started big with a small motorcycle to make the first pigeons and nonstop I traveled with  friends  in 2011 to the United States. We rented all three of the legendary Harley Davidson and made the bridge tour to Key West and still remember my tears of emotion for being there fulfilling the dream and with the conviction that I would never get off one again.

As soon as I bought my first big bike they started going  out trips  with friends on a motorcycle . If you don't have, you'll find them on the routes, on the networks. Driving a motorcycle, feeling the scents of the route, wind in the face, adventure and direct contact with nature, give a feeling of freedom and being alive unmatched, our country is endless offering all landscapes and climates.

The motorcyclist in its essence is a companion and supportive and awakens an empathy that he would never have imagined: people come up, ask for a photo, give you talk or a sincere help. They even invited me to their homes to eat, they stop to ask you if you need anything, it transforms into a way of traveling that is a whole social experience.

At the end of 2017 I redoubled the bet: I bought a motorcycle suitable for travel on any terrain, a BMW GS 800, and as often happens, I joined a call from colleagues of the brand to a lunch in  San Pedro.  ... exits that are sometimes left alone in that. But no, there was a need in those first 20 motorcyclists for things to continue, and it went well, today we are more than 30 members and we have already made trips this year around different parts of the country, even Uruguay. We can't always all, but the one who can add up and the one who doesn't, goes to the next.

In destination, a grilled meat,  mate , talks and good times. Go back “reset” and already thinking about the next one.

We are “los pibes crudos” or argentina rawboys with our IG page with that name and YouTube channel where we edit in high quality travel.

Who is in our tune is added, by consensus we don't talk about politics or religion, we keep the camaraderie and about our motorcycles no matter if you are a professional, employee, businessman or official... about our motorcycles we are motorcyclists and that equals us.

How do we tell the colleague we crossed: “ Good Routes ”.

Publication Date: 11/10/2018

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By: Guillermo 12 October, 2018

Muy linda nota así como lo contás !!

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