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Millions without heirs or heirs without their millions?

We tell you the story of a billionaire inheritance that hitherto had no heirs... and had all of us expectant Cordobses.

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 This is the billionaire history of the Cordovan landowner Juan Feliciano Manubens Calvet (1904-1981) . A man who owned thousands of land and who, at the time of his death,  had no heirs . His fortune was estimated at approximately  225 million dollars  . This money had no assigned owners until very recently. The death and possible inheritance of Manubens Calvet was a  novel that lasted 49 years , and almost a  mystery to be solved, with many interested. 

 The important agricultural farmer,  from Villa Dolores, dedicated his whole life to generating an extraordinary fortune.  However, his ambition and greed did not allow him to delegate his assets. At the time of his death began this soap that had as protagonists  thousands of alleged heirs.  People who claimed a  stroke of luck and fortune . Juan Feliciano Manubens Calvet devoted himself to working his lands, acquiring more and more estates and also took his steps  in the field of politics.  Coming from a wealthy family, he decided to multiply and  add many zeros to the family fortune.  By the age of 30 this man already had  excessive capital.  At 40 he was already recognized as the possessor of  one of the greatest fortunes in Latin America. 

He died at the age of 77, with his fortune in his pockets,  without the intention of sharing it . But this wouldn't look like that. The potential billionaire inheritance would generate multiple questions and many potential heirs would come to light.  Lawyers, DNA analysis and investigations  arose around the inheritance dispute. Three Cordoba brothers decided to investigate. Mercedes, Humberto and Matías Rodríguez tell the media a part of the story:

 Our grandmother's name was Lola Solohans,  from a Greek mother and unknown father. He arrived in Argentina in 1912, at the age of eight, with a group of  orphaned European children . She was handed over to a convent of nuns in Buenos Aires, in 1914 she was sent to another convent in San Luis, finally adopted by a family named Morales. They called her “La gringa” because of her blond hair and green eyes. Manubens Calvet met her when she went to sell bread to Villa de Prague, a puntano spot , and proposed a relationship to her.  He spoke to the parents and offered to take her to work  in a stay: Los Paraisos, in Rio Cuarto.  She knead bread for the staff and  received Manubens, her partner and patron.   In 1928 she became pregnant and gave birth to a male.  They scored it with a false name: Oscar Rodríguez, by the driver from Manubens.

Manubens once  recognized his character as a parent in front of Lola.  At the time of Manubens' death, Lola Solohans received a call from a lawyer announcing that she was  “the owner of two properties in Rio Cuarto: one to live with her son and the other to rent and secure an income.”  In addition,  the child named Rodríguez would receive a sum of money from Castellano, a collaborator of Manubens.  Lola died in 1984 and her only son died in 2012. Before he died,  Oscar Rodriguez swore to his children that he was the son of Manubens Calvet.  However, the relatives of this billionaire claimed that this billionaire was barren. There was no evidence, no surnames to check. Thus,  farce and misunderstandings began.   Thousands of potential heirs with their identities, false or real, appeared    to collect the inheritance. 

 I want my piece... why don't you give it to me? 

Among them Manuel Maidana, for example. One of the most famous, for  having gone to jail because of an alleged falsification of identity.  This man filed an ID with the surname Manubens Calvet and was sentenced to three years in prison  for forgery of documents.  But, after 18 years (a lifetime),  a judge reversed the sentence.   The document was real:  a cta in which Juan Feliciano Manubens Calvet recognizes before a Justice of the Peace of La Lomita de Lafinur, province of San Luis, that Manuel Antonio Maidana is his son, extramarital, with Julia Maidana. 

 Another of the legendary frauds  around the heritage was Dolores. It was around 1981 and this Paraguayan woman arrived in Argentina with the support of dictator Alfredo Stroessner and  other political personalities  , such as hammer Jorge Norberto Olivero (husband of former AFI official Silvia Majdalani) and Bishop of Venado Tuerto, Bishop Mario Picchi.  José Luis Cora, a supposed Vatican advisor, was the author of the whole farce. These actors were  charged with fraud and fraud,  and ended up prisoners with different convictions . One of them, Olivero, was benefited from an amnesty from Carlos Saul Menem.

But the story doesn't end there. Actually, throughout this whole dispute,  almost 60 relatives or pseudo-relatives of Manubens Calvet appeared.  From five different provinces, demanding their right to collect the inheritance.

 The final delivery 

But the end had to come.  After over 150 hearings, 39 years of investigations, convictions, fraud and identity searches, it was resolved. And the delivery was like this: 

 Approximately $90 million,  or 40 per cent of the estate,  was allocated to creditors for cumulative costs  over almost 40 years. Succession lawyers, the Lawyers Fund, Justice Fee for the Cordovan Judiciary, experts, inventoryers and state agencies are the recipients of this part.

 35 per cent of the property, or some $79 million, is owned by direct or legally recognized family heirs.  Descendants of the five family branches corresponding to the five brothers that Manubens Calvet had.

On the other hand, Manuel Manubens Calvet, formerly Maidana, traded a figure close to $5 million. Despite the refusal of DNA. 

 About $6 million was allocated to the heiress family of Margarita Woodhouse , who was the Manubens Calvet couple for a long time. Although they were never married, she was benefited from inheritance, posthumously, as she died in 2005 in misery.

 The attorney in charge and the Buenos Aires judge José Raúl Whittingslow will receive 15% of the fortune.  Due to the discovery of the scam that existed in the Paraguayan operation Dolores and its partners.Once the fraud had been proven, an agreement emerged in which they benefited from 15% of the inheritance.

 And, colorín colorín colorín , a little bit of fortune goes to each side.

Publication Date: 05/08/2020

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