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Medical cannabis for animals

Through the veterinarian Santiago Gómez, we introduce you to the NGO that seeks to promote the medical use of cannabis in animals.

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The history of   cannabis  as a plant for medicinal uses dates back centuries ago. About a hundred years ago, this millennial plant entered into a  prohibitionist paradigm . Parliamentary discussions, the emergence of the issue on the media agenda and the demands of civil society show that  the end of that era is near. The use of medical cannabis can improve the quality of life  and reduce the pain of many diseases and pathologies, both human and animal. Yes, you read it right: cannabis oil can be implemented in the  animal kingdom. 

We interviewed Santiago Gómez Ciavolella, veterinarian and member of   CANNVET  Argentina .“The primary work is  to fight prohibitionism and democratically promote the responsible use of cannabis oil ,” he says.  The NGO was born in Neuquén and is about to climb on the continental level .As for the emergence, Santiago explains that “a counter-current path was made; the use comes from a  social demand, the ordinary citizen, from patients to traditional medicine.  This has to respond by generating information from clinicians and veterinarians.”

What disadvantages does the prohibitionism of the use and cultivation of cannabis bring?

The main one is cultural.  People are prey to use a natural oil that has no side effects and does not generate toxicity and much less lethality . On the contrary, its use relieves symptoms of diseases. The consultations explain these dangers, in order to achieve deconstructing them. There are media, such as  THC magazine, that give us a great hand, but  usually big chains stigmatize .  Marijuana is a plant like any other, neither bad nor good. 

On the other hand,  illegality means that it cannot be investigated from the clinic . It has to be tested and tested to specify, such a type of oil for such a disease. Today  we know only 1% of the medicinal uses of the plant . As pioneers in the subject, we are going  to warn people about possible scams; as there are people who take advantage of and do unhealthy things , oil with morphine and painkillers, for example.  Our role as veterinarians cannabiculturists today goes through disclosure .

What kind of diseases or pathologies can be treated with oil in animals?

Same as people. Cannabis components called THC and CBD attack clear symptoms such as pain.  Refractory epilepsy is the disease that is most related to treatment , because Argentine law 27,350 is specified in it. However , the scientific fields of oncology, psychomotor and immunology are even deeper and fertile to treat with cannabis. 

In animals it is  the same, animal and veterinary health are linked : most diseases are transversal to species and human is a mammal within the animal kingdom.  The balance between plants, fungi, insects and animals is very fine . Our species intercedes in that equilibrium and that has its consequences, like the current pandemic.

 All the drugs we buy in pharmacies have been tested on animals . Within the veterinary, we already have specialties such as dermatology and ophthalmology.

Do you dare to make a prediction for the future?

It's hard to guess, but  if cannabis is  legalized  you have to be attentive to how . There is  Jujuy 's paradigmatic case, where it was legalized for a single company to invest money and do its business, but for the rest it is still illegal. Industrialization will make oil everywhere. Similarly,  the pharmaceutical industry is also a side to which NGOs have to be vigilant . This generates technology and drugs in a biased way,  treating only diseases that become redeitable . On the contrary,  the clinical and veterinary approach has to proliferate : starting from here, it would be investigated daily and in  conditions less conflicted by economic interests. 

On  the other hand, the ideal picture would be to involve universities and civil society. This would achieve democratizing knowledge.  Today, there are companies and organizations looking to imprison him. That is, they appropriate information and profit through very expensive courses and trainings.

Any final recommendations or warnings?

To people who are interested in getting into the subject,  please do not leave and do it alone.  The animal is particularly sensitive to cannabis, so the  accompaniment of the veterinarian is essential. In addition, we recommend that, before buying any oil, a prior investigation of its origin be done . From CANNVET we have information and we are willing to help those who need it.

Publication Date: 17/12/2020

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