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Luán: the first baby of trans mom and dad

Born in Córdoba the first baby to bring a gender perspective and dissident in the blood: Luán. Welcome to this world, the bearer of diversity.

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Celeste Giacchetta and Matías Trigo are the parents of Luán, who was born in the hospital La  Maternity Nacional . It is the first  baby  Cordovan biological son of mom and dad.  trans .

Celeste is a psychologist, activist and trans activist. She is also Secretary of Gender and Diversity at the  Regional Observatory for Participatory Democracy ( ORDP ) . Matías is the trans man who brought to the world the first baby son of trans mom and dad. After a hard labor, Luán came to this world and flooded the  dissident community with happiness. 

After the experience of childbirth, the parents expressed that they were super tired, but very happy. Luán was born with 3,400 kilos and measured 45 centimeters. A whole healthy chubby who, as soon as he got out of his belly, caught up to his mom's boob. His parents can't have love anymore.

While dad recovered from cesarean section, mom shared some reflections with the media. “ Our son is a bit  of all,  he was born from the Gender Identity Law, of equal marriage, of those who died fighting for this to be fulfilled. These laws allowed us to think about our families, before it was unthinkable because we weren't alive,” Celeste said.

 A baby that brings a better world... 

He also expressed the need and desire for his son to grow up in a   world without prejudice  or discrimination . He also shared statistics relevant to the struggle of transgender people. Among them, that the average life of a trans person is only 35 years.

Luán is much more than the first baby of a trans couple. Luán is the flag of struggle. It is the certainty that everything can be achieved. The hope that the world will change. The desire of  free children came  true.

Publication Date: 06/01/2020

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