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Love after love

Carlos and Luli contacted again and felt those tickles in their tummy, when they thought it was all over. Love is intact.

Carlos Perez used  to vacation in Chile , like most of the Mendoza people. Summer after summer he frequented the beaches of  Viña del Mar, accompanied by a humor that forged as his trademark. But it was in January 1977 that his life changed forever, with unthinkable consequences in the future. Future that has already arrived, the  Indio would say  .

 At 16 years old, Carlos Pérez was a storyteller par excellence. Not about fables or children's stories, but of humorous jokes and stories that, at some point, characterize Argentines on the other side of the Andes Mountains.  But, that particular night, our protagonist had become the soul of the party. He told stories so gracefully that there was no one who didn't admire him among the boys and girls who had a summer in Chile. But all of a sudden, his usual audience changed completely.  The aura of a woman took over all the spectators: Ximena Gray, aka “La Luli”, had become present. He was astonished. But he reacted quickly and I take advantage of the impulse of his humor to try to conquer his love.  

But his vacation was over and after a couple of talks and meetings,  Carlos had to return to Mendoza. Not without first leaving a letter , then return to his native Rivadavia. Those lines turned out to be the first seed of an incredible story with nuances of novel. Sometimes face-to-face, others epistolar , but love was alive. However, after several seasons of a romance that was forged in the summers, with postage letters eagerly awaited, finally the distance played against, and each went its course.

Luli's last letter was a dagger for Carlos.  In a couple of words, he told him that he had met someone else and that he would get married. And, of course, when January arrived, Carlos came to Chile and Luli was gone . It was an undesirable situation for him, but, as a good gentleman, he always knew that the possibility could be. So he accepted reality and also forged a new life, without Luli, forever. Or, at least, I thought so.

After studying Bachelor of Arts in Santiago, Luli was a successful singer, had two children and developed professionally in the financial area of banks. Carlos followed the career of Oenology, and also married and sought his future.

 Social networks at the service of love 

The years passed. Many. Forty, to be precise.  Carlos was not a networked man, but that day, intrigued by the life of a woman he had not forgotten, and pushed by separation with his ex-wife, he decided to look for Luli through a foreign Facebook.  The first image that appeared on the screen was that of a mature woman, as much or more beautiful than in the 80s. An imperative desire to know more about the Chilean girl took over him. At that height, separate, he imagined watering the plants in his garden. However, their circumstances changed from one click to the other.

He sent him a message and the answer came immediately. It's just because of those things about destiny, they both ended a relationship. Carlos invented any excuse  to travel to Chile , without thinking about it. Luli was intact, not only physically, but in terms of his way of being, his sense of humor, his freshness and different nuances that had fallen in love with Carlos.

 The reunion 

The meeting was at the restaurant El Huerto, the venue for those eighties meetings. Impatience won him.  Luli took a little longer than usual and called her. The nerves were chiping him. But, when I heard his voice, everything was roses. So, they became teenagers of almost 60. A year later, at the end of 2017, Luli moved with him to   Mendoza , taking advantage of the opportunity he gave them life. The families of both celebrated their love, the two were happy again.

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