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July, the itinerant teacher

With his traveling school, he toured the country educating children in communities, villages and slums.

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Julio Pereyra

“Large schools are where great teachers and not where big buildings”, this phrase undoubtedly sums up the work of  Julio Pereyra, who with his traveling school proposes  community education in garbage, native communities, villages and neighborhoods marginals across the country . Born in Uruguay and has been working as a teacher for 12 years, he arrived in  Argentina  for seven years to build a dream,  teach those who need it most. 

While in Paso de Los Libres in Corrientes, Julio observed a postcard that was a turning point for his career as a teacher. From that moment he decided to dedicate himself to teaching children in vulnerable situations and today Julio,  better known as Professor Itinerant, took his project to the provinces of Misiones, Rio Negro, Santiago del Estero, Formosa, and others.

 Camino de Chalk  is the materialization of this ideal. Founded by Julio itself, its traveling school offers school support, initial literacy and provides educational inclusion workshops in an environment of understanding, containment and solidarity. It also seeks to ensure that those attending meet a number of requirements such as toothbrushing and personal hygiene. Respect for the elderly is also encouraged and counseling for medical assistance shifts, DNI procedures, sex education and addictions are provided.

The traveling school reaches areas that are marked by unfavorable contexts. There reality shows malnutrition, dengue, illiteracy and child labour. The project does not seek to romanticize poverty but to provide a bit of sand for all those who are destitute and relegated by the system. Embarking on Caminos de Chalza then implies a great  social commitment to bring education to the forgotten places  but making these realities visible so that the State can intervene.

For July,  the accomplishments of his students are his accomplishments , as are his failures. Being a teacher means putting yourself in each other's place, trying to be the educator we would have wanted to have. And even though the effort is great, he confesses that he  would not change his work for anything.   For his dedication and spirit of dedication to solidarity action, he earned several awards such as the Global Teacher Awards(2019), Ibero-American Teacher Award(2019), Teachers Award that inspire Latin Americaand the International Educational.  

 “ We educate convinced that every chalk we spend is a bullet that does not shoot, and that every school we founded a prison that is not built,”  says one of the messages on the official website and is the one that summarizes the soul of this work. Grow up in children, help them through education so they can access a better future. To this end, it is essential to reach every corner of the country, in the hope  of echoing other realities,  often stripped of voices, opportunities and aimed at marginalization. Caminos de chalk supports and collaborates not only with children but also promotes the education of parents and siblings so that they can be future community educators.

In addition, the traveling school is responsible for managing donations for the purchase of school supplies, orthopedic and therapeutic equipment, solidarity clothes, sports equipment, etc. Those wishing to make a donation can contact through the official Facebook page  “Escuelita Ambulante Caminos de Chalza”. 

Publication Date: 06/08/2020

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