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Jujena with golden heart

She has a picnic that feeds more than 200 people and was run for the 2020 Abanderados Award.

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Jujeña con corazón de oro

An action is worth a thousand words and this is what prompted a jujeña to start a picnic that, today, receives more than 200 people.  Karen Alejo  is 30 years old and lived in her own flesh the needs and misadventures of poverty. Like many people today, during his childhood he toured many glasses of milk to eat. His mother had to work throughout the day to bring food to his seven siblings, but often did not reach and they should have to resort to dining rooms or picnenderos depending on  solidarity  and will. of other people like her.

Over the years, her situation improved, but Karen did not forget about the adventures of a difficult childhood. Supported by her family she decided to create a dining room she called  “Land of Valients”.  It is located in the  Alto Comedero neighborhood,  one of the most vulnerable in the province and where the most cases of COVID-19 occur in the town of San Salvador. Its main goal is to offer a snack that includes milk, as it considers it an essential food, and continue to grow to reach those who really require this type of  assistance. 

The current situation in  Jujuy  is one of the most difficult in Argentina. With a remarkable growth in coronavirus cases, many workers were unable to carry out their work activities.On the other hand, there is a great exposure as the province is on the verge of the sanitary collapse. This caused poverty to become more noticeable in some areas, especially in the most neglected neighborhoods.

The number of people arriving to Karen's dining room was on the rise, but far from seeing it as a problem he tried to provide everyone with a meal. The spirit of solidarity of this woman reached the  Holy Theresa Community of Calcutta , which gathered donations and distributed them to all the children. In this way, 200 liters of milk, treats, bills, toys and dental kits were offered. It is important to note that the delivery was carried out in compliance with and complying with the health and safety standards stipulated by the Emergency Operating Committee to avoid the spread of  coronavirus. 

Karen not only received Community aid, but was also nominated to win the  Flag Award, which represents a nationwide recognition which, if won, would enable the young Jujeña to be able to acquire more inputs to expand her dining room, which considers the concretion of a dream.

Solidarity in difficult times

The Abanderados Award is a recognition to Argentines who stand out for their works and  solidarity actions . You can apply for social leaders, professionals, volunteers or simple citizens. This year it is holding a special edition for COVID-19, with the aim to be able to discover people whose  selfless aid  is an example for the rest of society seeking to improve the quality of life of those who were most hit by the  restrictions caused by the pandemic. 

Karen reflecting this fratenal attitude by devoting her time to assisting the weakest and leaving aside her own needs to contribute to the community. In dialogue with a local media, the Jujeña said she sees the need of people the same as she felt at a young age. This is the engine that drives her to continue to provide its services without seeking any prize other than the satisfaction of offering a food to those who do not have it today.

Publication Date: 26/08/2020

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