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Joaquina and the mill

Joaquina is 11 years old and lives in a place in Chascomús, Buenos Aires. In order to do the homework, climb to a mill where it catches internet signal.

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What is  a baby climbing to a mill  in the middle of the pandemic? That might be a question of any curious observer who was passing through   Chascomús  . It happens that the  coronavirus  quarantined us and that came to change our lives and customs. Now, climbing to the mill is a new habit for  Joaquina : he does it four or five times a day.

They'll be wondering what for. To find something that is precious in these days of social distancing and confinement:   internet signal  . The 11-year-old girl lives with her parents in Don Cipriano, about 30 kilometers from Chascomús,  Buenos Aires province.  He attends rural school No. 20  and, at a distance, continues his studies. But in your home you do not have wifi and it is not possible to pick up cell phone signal. So,  Joaquina had a brilliant idea - to get on a mill to prove how the reception was from there. And he hit the key.

Education and technology

With the current situation,   education  is possible only with access to technology . While some take it for granted, in various corners of the country it is not so easy to have a computer, a cell phone and internet access. So everything gets harder. However,  the desire can more than  difficulties  . Joaquina is one more of the many  examples  that we have known these months in different provinces, where boys and girls are retracted to continue to fulfill the tasks of the school despite the difficulties.

In this case, she added physical ability to the ingenuity. Several times a day,  he climbs to a  mill   that is three blocks from his house and stays there about fifteen minutes at a time. There, she discovered herself, she  picking up the internet signal with her cell phone . Then, take the opportunity to send and receive audios and photos, consult with your teacher any questions you have about the task and, since it is,  chat  a little with your peers.

She is accompanied by her father or mother, Marcelo and Analía, who explode with pride to see the dedication that their daughter has to continue studying.  Joaquina is a pride for all Argentines , because people like her are the ones who, tomorrow, will bring this country forward.

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Publication Date: 19/06/2020

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