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Car Stories Made in Argentina

For some, cars are just a means of transport, and for others - a hobby - a passion.

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Hugo Goya - Dakar

For some, cars are just a means of transport, and for others - a  hobby - a  passion . Argentine journalist  Eddie Fitte  travels the towns of  Lobos and Tandil,  in the province of  Buenos Aires  , to meet Hugo and Cristian, two car lovers whose final goal is to rebuild their vehicles piece by piece and run the most challenging races, in then Argentinean of "Change of Speed “, the famous iron show starring Aaron Kaufman. It can be viewed on the  Discovery Channel screen. 

Over the course of six episodes, filmed in  Argentina , Eddie presents, in the first three, the story of overcoming Hugo and, in the remaining three episodes, the case of Cristian, an enthusiast who receives the support of his friends to go after his dreams.

Hugo Goya has a manager position in a timber shop in his city, but his real passion is cars and speed. So he has faced the toughest off road challenges like the  Dakar  in two editions, although he has not been able to win. On the other hand, in  Tandil , Eddie meets Cristian, an enthusiast and fan of irons and their restoration. Cristian went into the art of modifying cars until he finally achieved his most precious goal: to transform a Ford 250 truck to run into 4x4 circuits.

Source: The Capital

Publication Date: 09/04/2019

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