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The true makers of the Harvest are those who work the vineyard from sun to sun. Harvesters hide exciting stories. We'll tell you today.

Some people call them  swallows workers  : they only appear in harvest season, emulating these birds , which make a stay by way, depending on the weather and the availability of food. The harvesters leave family, studies, other jobs and belongings to settle in the vineyard and contribute something more, from the economic point of view, to the family.

Work begins with the month of February.  They are presented in a vineyard with a cap, a pair of scissors and a bucket. It's 8 hours in full sun.The harvesters leave with the tacho to the shoulder, meddle between the vines .  They should be agile and fast to  fill the tacho with grapes, as quickly as possible.After a few minutes the task is completed .  Then they roll their way and  get to the truck. There they download the fruit, receive a file of the person known as “file”.   They keep it in their pocket, and fill another bucket. It's cyclical. At the end of the day, each token will be exchanged for the value that has been agreed in advance.That is repeated several times a day, every day from the beginning of February to the end of March . 


However, behind the harvesters are their  particular stories .  They are people of any age and gender, activity does not distinguish in that regard. Sometimes whole families move to a particular area to  work the farm  . Some leave their studies and start their studies in order to get some financial income.  Others arrive alone, leaving their family and condemning themselves to ostracism from a society that gives them no more work than the precariousness of construction. 

 They are the artists who move the strings of the great puppet that is the   Harvest  . A whole party, spectacular and magnificent. However, behind all this paraphernalia are the harvesters , which generate the first link in the great marketing chain that is wine, leaving only crumbs of that field bread that will have export prices and enrich the winemakers.

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