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Great Argentine collector of The Smurfs

Ariel is probably the biggest collector of the Smurfs of Argentina.

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Ariel Russo

Ariel Russo lives in Rosario, Santa Fe. He is probably the largest collector of the Smurfs of Argentina. He started with this hobby in 2000, and in his collection he has not only figures, but also merchandising of all kinds, and even original celluloids of the cartoon. Today we will meet him, and his collection.

 Why did you choose to collect the Smurfs?
 Ariel: Smurfs are mystical characters, wrapped in stories full of magic. They live in the depths of a wonderful forest only stalked by an evil witch with his cat. In their village there is no modernity, however, they possess everything. The magic around them caught me, so I'm one of the millions of fans around the world.

 How many Smurfs do you calculate that you have in your collection?
 Ariel: I calculate that I have about two thousand items of Smurfs, including books, comics, CDs and LP's from different countries, board games, video games, plates, glasses, cups, singles, towels and towels, bookstore items and dolls. Half of my collection is based on the latter.

 Which or what are your favorite items in the collection?
 Ariel: I have many favorite items in my collection. I have the 1984 Smurf Factory closed in original packaging and some folders of the time, national, that bring to mind many memories. The dolls made in Argentina (Minimodels) are also my favorite, although I find the Spanish Non-Toxic variety irresistible!

 Which are the most difficult smurfs?
 Ariel: The most difficult dolls to find are a pair of Christmas Smurfs, which even few specialized collectors have. There is also a very rare “species” of Spanish smurfs known as “Roman Gnomes” of which there are only 6 different models existing. I consider myself lucky to have all of them in my collection!

 Are there many smurf collectors in the world?
 Ariel: Presumably there are countless fans around the world. There are currently numerous forums and I am glad that worldwide collectors have taken me into account and sent invitations to subscribe to them. I recommend to fans living in Argentina who are many, to integrate into some of them. The amount of information shared is a lot and one never stops learning. And as a hobby, it is fantastically a landfall of the very complicated world in which we currently live...

Source: Taringa

Publication Date: 25/05/2019

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