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Fugazeta contents: humor and fun from La Pampa

From the voice of Karen Miranda, I know the fun story of these piquenses who stand out for their humor and good vibes for all La Pampa

Stories of people

The story of how the production company Fugazeta emerged is stained with media coincidences. The project is led by Karen Miranda, 28, and Ramiro Marsikani, 34. Both studied journalism in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, respectively. As for the division of labor , each is dedicated to doing what works best:  “I am with scripts and aesthetics, but together we enhance the sides where everyone is good.  As for weaknesses, when we see that you can't, we go to one side with total humble d ,” says Karen. The two met on a television job, and they immediately thought they  could grow professionally . Thus came Fugazeta Contenidos, from  La Pampa  to all Argentina.

Karen's word

At the beginning, the project was related to the policy. From this, we achieved a specific advertising format. Over time and the needs of the moment,  the production company mutated to become a generator of humorous content . Humor is a very forgotten facet and, from it,  we carry out sketchs to advertise accompanying sponsors  daily. This is how we have to sustain the fixed costs and variable costs that arise. The mode of advertising humor is not the only one, since a style with a professional aesthetic sense is used. We also adapt to the products and their characteristics.

With a kind of futuristic vision,  the production company has also ventured into  streaming events . Today it is applied for almost all live events, due to the limitation to hold public meetings. In our case,  we carry out the transmission of cultural events  such as the “pre cosquín rock-  General Pico ” and some others also related to musical expression.

Fugazeta has its presence in networks, on  various platforms that show the productions carried out . In addition, we broadcast the program “Q7Ni8Cuartos” with Ramiro's driving, broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 to 14.  This audiovisual product deals with cultural content, interviews and dynamic columns , carried out by communication professionals.

Fugazeta's communicators and their functions

Andrés Sosa Gurini, teacher and music specialist.

Francisco Ferrero, musician and graphic designer; in addition to including his editing works, at only 16 years old, he also has his musical space.

Julieta Martín, an artist with a degree in theatre; applies a particular style in her column, uses the radio theater format with a visual touch.

Lucia Fernández, graduated in psychology and sexology; makes her contributions based on the knowledge obtained, in a practical and didactic way.

Facundo Allemandi promotes knowledge in sports with a sense of humor, using files that deserve to be seen again and again.

Gisela González Singh and Leandro Ghiglione, artists from the city who provide a space of environmental awareness and values for children and adults.

In addition, a cycle of interviews for young people began, by the city municipality.  There, we are pleased to meet young piquenses who are in the city or somewhere in the world, in a very fun way. This new section reaches the public through the Directorate of Youth of General Pico.

Publication Date: 22/12/2020

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