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From the beach to the mountain by the ARA San Juan

A diver arrived in Mendoza after walking from Mar del Plata. - Why? - Why? : seeks to reach Aconcagua remembering ARA San Juan.

Stories of people

Guillermo Tibaldi is 64 years old and is a former naval captain and diver at ARA San Juan. But he is also a generous, caring and memory person. Values that seeks to replicate with the feat that has been proposed for 2 months. The adventurous seeks to remember eternally and never forget the 44 crew members who died from the accident that occurred in 2017.

“ I did my career in the submarine San Juan and I had the privilege of being its commander for 2 years, so I felt the need to pay a different tribute to the victims” , says William to justify his feat.

The journey began more than 60 days ago. “On the day that it was 2 years since the last sailof the submarine, I walked out and running from that pier to link it to the highest place in the country, where to me are the 44 crew members. And that place is the summit of Aconcagua Hill. Under that motto I left”, confesses the experienced diver . “On the 64th day of expedition I managed to reach the base of the hill, reaching 1560 kilometers. The idea is to be able to carry the flag they gave me on the dock to the top of our country,” says Guillermo, who aspires to get the typical picture of the summit of the colossus of America, where the Andean people pose next to the Argentine flag, with the clouds and peaks of the Cordillera in the background.

The message

Tibaldi ensures that the message is “let's not forget them”, it is not a feat or a record, it's a tribute. And a tribute with didactic and educational objectives, “I have a sporting goal, but also that of touring schools, from kindergartens to tertiary, spreading what they do the submarines and what did the submarine ARA San Juan. What I did, which is the same as ARA San Juan did when the accident occurred. Counting what which is life on a submarine, reminding the 44 companions in each village that I visited.”

To top off, Guillermo recalls the importance of media and dissemination in all of this: “This was like a snowball that grew bigger in terms of interviews and media. I always say that we are honoring them with these memories and I will try to get to the top to leave the flag.”

Publication Date: 22/01/2020

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