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From teacher to writer

A Mendoza teacher wrote a book about a novel method of learning. Commendations did not take long to come, even, from the international level.

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Marta Palomo

 Marta Palomo is a teacher of Language and   Literature  , Comprehensive Sex Education and other areas. It carries out its work both in the public and private spheres . In addition, he teaches students of different ages. And, having carried out this task for many years, the teacher created a method of teaching based on the experience of the students themselves. This method is at the heart of his book  Importance of Project-Based Learning , which received praise from international critics.

“The book deals with a teaching methodology where the student plays a leading role. This project is born out of the interests of the child and it is a very important challenge for teachers to have to work on this basis.  The book develops everything about the role of   parents  , the importance of accompaniment during this process. And also the role of the teacher ”, describes Marta. Then, he says that a close relationship between the teacher and the student is fundamental: “It also develops the bond. This type of project can only take place from the direct link with the student, from the knowledge and from knowing what the personal motivations are. From there begins a whole learning process, where  the student is the protagonist .”

Marta is convinced of the importance of knowing the student in full, in order to adapt the different teaching methods. “We  teachers, when we have to make a diagnosis, we have to tatar to grasp more closely what their interests are. So, from different strategies that one uses, as case methods, one discovers those interests, which can be art or medicine. All this is captured in the diagnosis  and then, when activities are proposed, they go in that direction. This is how they investigate and develop the issues.”

 A book for everyone 

“This is not a technical book, to help teachers.  This is a   book   for the entire educational community, like dads, for example. From these projects, parents can see the process that the kids go through.Parents are always aware of it. ” 

Proud of her understanding of teaching, the teacher recalls the good results she has brought to her: “Last year, there was a course that was awarded by the Legislature based on their work on Malvinas.”

 International recognition 

“ I participated in the first Universal Congress of Letters, based in Lima,   Peru  . I presented the book and they loved it. They were struck by the theme, how it is approached, from what is positive psychology. That's how I got a recognition.In addition, I have been giving talks in everything that is the Network of Directors of Institutions across the country, where, too, the book has been circulating. ” 

Marta has her secret formula to get to know her students from the first day of school: “ I tell in the book that I have a methodology when I get to know them. It's about the book of emotions. When we start the year, the kids have to write something that motivates them, a song, a poem or whatever. From that I can get to know them a little more . That helps me embroider this bond and have a direct relationship with the students. I can know their interests and the problems that affect them.”

 Distance lessons 

The Mendocina teacher has been able to adapt to quarantine times. “The issue of having to tackle virtual classes has been a huge challenge.  It is a different accompaniment because one cannot have direct contact with the child as it is in the classroom.It requires more work in the sense of having to be permanently in touch .  I have WhatsApp groups with the guys. We make video calls. It is important to work with feedback, so that they feel that one is accompanying them.”

Publication Date: 08/08/2020

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