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From retiree to backpacker: the traveling grandmother

The 80-year-old Cordovan that goes around the world. Can you imagine having the life of the traveling grandmother? We tell you his story.

“It's never great to fulfill a dream,” is the legend of her Instagram. The traveling grandmother is called Elva Dora Ratero, is 80 years old, and she decided to  travel the world . Born in Villa María and with a job as a seamstress, she embarked on a trip with the intention of exchanging knowledge. Through volunteers, help from people and social networks, Elva  travels the world . It's already an  instagrammer .

The traveling  grandmother  is about to  turn 81 , however, she travels backpacker like a girl of 20. The initial and main target destination was Europe. Knowing different places in the Old Continent was what motivated her. And the journey began like this. Grandma decided to leave her workshop and leave for England. There, a family would be waiting for her to learn sewing.

With willpower, eager to live and experiment with new cultures, Elva learns languages and does not stop meeting people. His story is admirable. Your unpredictable journey. The route does not exist. The map is what dictates his heart and his years of experience. The traveling grandmother is getting lodging in exchange for work: as a nanny, seamstress or  whatever comes!  England, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, are some of the destinations visited.

 Life Lesson 

Traveling grandma every day lives a new  adventure . Meet museums, share moments with people from all over the world and visit new places. Its tools are whatsapp, cell phone with camera, Instagram and some hosting apps like  couchsurfing . And always a light luggage. Elva preaches travel as a remedy for the soul, and encourages other grandparents to follow their way. With the support of his grandchildren,  he continues to travel . On his first picture of Onstagram he tells us:

“ I am an Argentinian grandmother who dreams of traveling to Europe to meet people from different places in order to exchange my experience as a volunteer. I worked in different schools with children, young people and adults as a teacher, and I also have a sewing workshop. I would like to get to know Europe and share what I know and give it to others.”

Big, Elva! I hope that many grandparents have the  opportunity  and desire to fulfill that dream like you.

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