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From Missions to Chubut, from teacher to taster

Her name is Liliana Shafer and, although her roots are colored lands, she has been living in Puerto Madryn for 11 years. She retired and she's a weed taster today.

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This missionary, based in Chubut, is today a retired teacher and taster of yerba. Mother of three female daughters and wife of a Buenos Aires with whom she shares the same vocation, teaching.

As they say, behind each person there is a great passion, and this does not always have to do with the profession that one chooses. Her husband, for example, has a passion for journalism (which she performs simultaneously with teaching). In the case of Liliana, the mate and that ritual that is born around him, which incites to share with others.

So it was that, once the retirement procedure was completed, and after great struggles that included a whole month in Misiones to accommodate papers, he returned to Madryn. For a few months I had this project going around, and I had even taken advantage of one of her trips to Buenos Aires to take a course as a taster of yerba mate.

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Yeah, just like they read it. She's a weed taster! He started with this venture a couple of months ago, giving advice on Instagram. Today Liliana receives photos and daily consultations from users of the network, who, guided by her advice, await the good advice of the specialist.

María Josefina Armendares, agronomist and sommelier of yerba mate, was the one who led her to learn this craft and to be able to dump all the senses to get to know the different herbs, aromas, colors, textures and flavors.

In “the prettiest, “Lily, as her close friends call her,performs tastings of yerba . The meetings include some anecdotal reviews about the history of the yerba mate, different varieties, techniques for priming, types of mate, among others. In addition, they share typical missionary meals, such as the well-known “chipas” of the colored lands.

This taster also shares handmade yerba blends that she herself prepares. Orange, coconut, red fruits, lemon and endless flavors for all lovers of mate.

Publication Date: 10/11/2019

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