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Eliana Krawczyk: the queen of the seas

Missionary Eliana Maria Krawczyk was the first diver in South America and was among the 44 crew members of ARA San Juan. We tell you his story.

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There is no Argentine who does not remember what happened with  ARA San Juan . On November 15, 2017, the beloved ARA mysteriously disappeared in the South Atlantic. He was heading to his naval base in the seaside town of Mar del Plata. Immediately, the search for the Argentine submarine became an international cause. But the days passed and the boat didn't show up. We all follow the news on the road. When the truth was finally heard, it was a dagger in the hearts of all Argentines.

 From the red land to the bottom of the ocean 

 Eliana Maria Krawczyk was the chief of operations of ARA San Juan, the only woman among the 44 “missing” . He was born in the city of  Oberá ,  Misiones , into a very humble family with six children. “From a girl she was a good swimmer. He liked to sail in small boats until he decided to enter the University of Misiones,” recalls his uncle Enrique.

Krawczyk was one of the most applied and passionate students in her division. However, his life took an unexpected turn when his brother and mother died, in 2001 and 2003. The pain was so great that they generated Eliana's desire to start elsewhere.  “ One day, on the  Internet , I discovered a notice from the  Navy summoning young people. I ran to Posadas and signed up . I quit everything and traveled to Ensenada's Naval Military School. I took a picture of mom in her wallet,” Eliana had recounted some time ago.

Upon graduation, he decided to specialize in underwater weapons. He took the course as a diver at the Navy School of Submarines and Diving. Finally, in 2012 she had her initial destination at ARA Salta, becoming  the first woman diver in South America.  Later, he was destined to  ARA San Juan . “I am the only woman on board and I feel good, happy and happy,” she told the newspaper  La Nación . “I sleep with two companions in the same cabin, I do my morning guard and am responsible for throwing torpedoes during military exercises.“

 The Queen of the Seas 

The idea of working inside a submarine always scared some of her relatives, but not Eliana. “He gave me the chills, I wasn't very happy, but... what was he going to tell him? She's the submarine. Maybe he has some genes from his grandparents, who came from Europe by boat. I don't know, it's an inexplicable passion,” one of his relatives said.

 She was so happy and excited about her profession that her father, Edward Krawczyk, christened her “the queen of the seas.”  It's just that the missionary loved what she was doing. “Everyone asks me if I'm  scared  by submarines. And no. For me they are awesome, somewhat intriguing and exciting. It's another life. There is the same camaraderie as on a ship, but there are more intense bonds in the crew,” he said.

Publication Date: 19/08/2020

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