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The Sanjuanino who pedaled to Europe

On April 5, 2012, Matías Amaya, Sanjuanino by birth, but already a citizen of the world, embarked on a trip to America, by bicycle.

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On April 5, 2012,  Matías Amaya , a Sanjuanino by birth, but already a citizen of the world, embarked on a trip to America by bicycle. A 90kg bicycle that his parents gave him and which he called “Freedom.” Unthinkingly, he got Brazilian citizenship and more unthinkably, he crossed to Europe, and today it is in Russia, at the start of the  World Cup .

 “ From Brazil I traveled all over South America, then through Central America and in Panama I took a plane to Madrid. I spent two years pedaling around Europe to get to Moscow. In five years I went through 37 countries. I want to reach the World Cup in Qatar 2022,”  Matthias told in an interview, already very accustomed to the lights being on him and his wonderful  nomadic story.

Travel alone, with a cell phone hidden in a bag and without GPS or schedules. His passion is to relate to people from every place he visits; he knows he won't see them again, so he makes every experience to the fullest. Like the one where he prevented a young Catalan from committing suicide. And of course, who could forget something like that? And how to convince him to get off the bike?

 “ Europe was not in my plans, it emerged this improvist. Somebody ever talked to me about the Camino de Santiago. It has a lot of meaning to whoever does it. Most go through it on a question of religion, then through faith. Then for sport and others to meet oneself,” he adds.

Since he only spends on accommodation and food, when he is invited to a house it is bingo for him. And for guests, who listen to their wonderful anecdotes firsthand. Stories of a guy who had a good salary, a house and a car and left everything to venture to find out what life is for him and to be filled with good values, like those he transmits in the video.

In his social networks, the sanjuanino shows all his routes to the users who follow him. Between videos, photos and texts, he is embodying in his account a roadmap and the  experiences  he goes through. Take advantage, too, to thank the people who are crossing along the road, as a recognition for timeshare. In addition, it not only presents the incredible landscapes it travels, but it emits an optimistic message about the goals, the dreams to be fulfilled and the possibility of achieving them. Consider that you do not need money, that you have “hands and sweat” to offer in exchange for what you need to live during your  trip . He invites those who listen and read that everyone can be like him, not to fear the “outside” because there are more people willing to lend a hand and give than we think. It is certain that it is necessary to get rid of that fear of the system that makes us believe that no one can be trusted because the other will surely want to take away what is ours.

 “ When you want, you can. The impossible only takes a little longer,” says Matías in his Instagram profile, and I think nothing defines him better than his own words in a post in what he looks very smiling with the Argentina shirt:

 “ Life is a matter of decision, everything can be transformed, and we all have the opportunity to transform ourselves into the person we always wanted to be, happiness does not forgive cowardice. You have to be strong, dedicate time, sacrifice, to overcome, no matter what each step costs (...) is to walk slowly collecting each fruit, I can live without a job, not without a destiny, I travel alone, and you only live once, it is undeniable (...) I'm clear, I don't want to have money, with my soul as a poet and my pirate heart. The only defeat is to surrender...  “

If happiness are moments, Matthias will surely be a very happy guy.

Publication Date: 14/06/2018

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