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Cordovan Hero

The chauffeur who listed to Mascherano and became a hero. We tell you the story of the worker who saved a life.

We Cordobeses are chamuyeros, comedians, exaggerated and half  drunken . But sometimes, we become heroes. A bondi chauffeur reacted  instinctively  and saved a woman's life. It happened in Villa Maria. Juan Echegaray, 36, did not hesitate to act. His instinct led him to save a life.

“I don't know why I was born, I opened the door and ran out. You do it because you are born, other people are born other things. When I came back, the cars opened the doors and people were wondering, but nobody opened them to go out and help.” Counts the media.

The episode happened on Mother's Day. Many times these festive dates cause distress to people who are alone or with personal problems. Juan, the  hero without a cape , detected in time that a lady wanted to take her life on the train tracks and saved her.

 Hero for two 

The man was traveling by car, headed to Villa Maria cemetery. He went with his children and his wife, and they almost become spectators of a tragedy. However, Juan changed the role of spectator to the hero costume.  The train  was 100 meters, the woman was on the tracks, and no one was doing anything about it. Juan got out of the car to do something. It was instinctive, I didn't know what, but something was going to do. And he did, he saved the life of the 45-50-year-old woman who was trying to kill herself. There is not much more information about the lady, it is only known that she was saved by John, and that she was the victim of a fulminant distress.

John became a hero doubly: he saved the woman's life and avoided a tragedy for the train driver.

We need more people in the world  who react  like John. We also need more heroes, more courage and more love. We need to put our fears aside, so we can  save the others . And heal the fears of others.

Big, Juan!

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