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Cordobeses, classic and special

We tell you all about one of the most important vintage car restoration workshops in the country. This Cordovan industry is dedicated to restoring the classics and specials.

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clasicos y especiales

 “ Classics and specials”   is the name that bears this original restoration workshop. They have been in the specialized automotive industry for 10 years  ,  since they inaugurated  in 2010, first with the idea of  fulfilling a dream,  then consolidating itself as a company.

How were they born

 This workshop was born of love among friends and the enjoyment of enjoying each profession.  It was a group of faithful  fierreros  who are dedicated to different areas and who managed to complement each other in order to achieve a  comprehensive workshop.   The project aimed to update and restore  collection models,  fixing all the necessary details. Therefore, they have a holistic team with professionals from  all areas that help  to carry out  perfectionist and illuminated finishes.  

classic and special 2

Chain of perfection

The innovation of this idea,  arises from the love of classic and old cars.  The current director of the factory comments how frustrating it was  to get to restore his own cars . Since I always had to go to different places, with different times and varying qualities. That is why, from his own need, but also shared by his car-loving friends, he decided to start  offering all catering services in one place.  Javier Izurieta, the technical director of the workshop, says  “We decided to make a comprehensive workshop, with all the people in the same place, and  working together.   So that what the chapist does, serve the painter and then what the shipowners do, serve the upholsterers and then, by working all at the same time a better end result is achieved.”  

On the huge building of  5 thousand square meters is located on Avenida Japón to 1200  and updates its stock of  original cars constantly.  The areas in which they work are all: disassembly, veneer, painting, mechanics, assembly and upholstery.  They also have a plastic carriage section  , to manufacture replicas or repair fiber cars.

The specials

Most replicas and models are from premium brands: Austin Seven del 30, Jaguar del 61, Buick del 24, Cadillac del 60, Packard del 29, Camaro del 60, Mercedes Coupe 63, among others. Also mix some historical national origin such as a Justicialist Sport or the classic Chevy Coupe SS.

According to Izurieta,  the highest value are convertible ones, then the coupe and finally the closed ones.   “ And it is the order of the   older models   that are most sought and that are therefore the most expensive.”  Also, the specialist points out that    restored cars are very beautiful, but the problem comes when you want to use them often.”    Therefore, your job is also to  look for more reliable engines, more efficient boxes and improve brakes and steering.

classic and special 3

All together

On its website, the workshop is defined as  “a work cooperative that was formed together by a passion: to generate and maintain classic cars.   Each of its partners contributes to a different area of work and together we managed to create the largest and most complete workshop in the interior of the country, including award-winning cars in AutoClásica, complete replicas and historic national cars.  ”

 The work of these professionals “Classic and special” is of optimal quality.  In addition, they are responsible for consulting each other and offering the best service, exchanging knowledge and suggestions. With patience, they accept every challenge that is every model. In addition, they look for alternatives to generate the best endings.  This work is artisanal  and painstaking, from small mechanical parts to giant body parts, everything goes through the hands  of these restoration professionals.  

The team is made up  of more than 10 professionals.   Daniel Tartara, Nestor Combet and Roger Combet in the  Armed and Disarming Section.   Mauricio Ruiz, Roberto Rossetti and Maximiliano Peralta  in the painting area.   Gerardo Enchuste in all that  sheet metal works are.  Martin Hurtado and Rodolfo Perriello in  information and spare parts.  Julio Tarantino for  upholstery works ; Claudio Ale with Eduardo Nieva are responsible for  cleaning, maintenance and polishing.  Gabriel Ritacco and Sebastian Foukal are the  official mechanics of the team.    Together, they are “Classic and special” professionals  formed by the experience of passion for cars and  dedication to a unique job.  


Publication Date: 17/02/2021

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