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Coco, the lost dog

A family from Buenos Aires came to Mendoza for a few days on vacation. But more than calm, they were worried about losing the dog.

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A family from Buenos Aires chose mountains, rivers, heat and good wine to spend their holidays. I mean,  they came to Mendoza. Parents and children came to our province, but not only they, but also brought Coco, his 7-year-old dog, which is a genuine part of the family. It is known the drawback that sometimes represents thinking about the pet when going out on a trip.  Dog  hotels are  usually costs and, apart, we are never sure what treatment animals receive there, or what kind of food they supply them.

They chose the beautiful district of  Chacras de Coria   to spend a few days off. The slightly lower temperatures, trees and mountains are an ideal setting for holiday in Chacras.   In addition, taking advantage of the fact that they were allowed, they brought Coco, the family dog. It is that the house was one of family members who also profess the love for dogs and pets.

One morning, they went out for a walk and do some shopping. At noon,  when they returned, they warned Coco was gone. They went out to walk the nearby streets and ask the neighbors, no one knew anything.   The search was against the clock, given that some days later they had to return to Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately,  the news has not been positive so far. No one has managed to find information about Coco . Even, posting photos on social networks and using technology, they have not been able to know data about the dog. The family ruled out the possibility of theft inside the dwelling, because they were missing absolutely nothing but the  animal .

“Coco, Mom loves you and needs you, my life without you will not be the same (it is not breed is a street) but we love it and we miss it help us xfavor! ”, published the family in the Facebook group “Dogs and cats lost and found in the great Mendoza”.

The family stretched their stay in Mendoza as much as they could, but,  unfortunately, they had to return to Buenos Aires without Coco . This is a dog that is not breed, but a stray. It has aroused the love and affection of the Buenos Aires family. In addition,  it became known that he was soon to turn 7 .

Anyway, the Mendoza family members of Coco's owners will continue the search. It's just that they came to Mendoza, to the fifth house of their cousins, in Chacras de Coria.  The latter remain in desperate search, waiting to obtain information and transfer it to their relatives in Buenos Aires.  

dog friend

Unfortunately, this is not a story with a happy ending. Nor sad. But, actually, it's a story with no end. Once again it is proved how far the  love of a family  and of the human being towards animals can go.

Publication Date: 30/01/2021

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