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Bring energy, literally

Luciana and Esteban are in charge of 500 RPM, an NGO responsible for training communities on wind energy use.

Luciana and Esteban travel around the country carrying  energy . Literally. They are the founders of   500 RPM  , a non-profit association that is engaged in social projects of training, manufacturing and installation of low-power  wind turbines .

 Luciana Proietti and Esteban Van Dam  are joined by  love  and something else. They met in  Nicaragua , in the middle of the jungle, where they were both trained with  Blue Energy Group , an association that worked with  wind energy . There they learned about  sustainable energy, fell in love and shaped their project. Then they returned to  Argentina  to create their own foundation.

The goal was clear: they knew that in our country there were more than 3000  rural schools  outside the electricity grid. Since 2012, they have been touring the country to spread the  Piggott mills , which they learned to build in Nicaragua. They teach educational institutions, individuals and rural organizations to generate and replicate their own energy.

This is an open patent, easy-to-operate  wind  tower that was created in 1960 by Scottish Hugh Piggott. Currently, together with more than 40 NGOs around the world, they are part of the international organization  Wind Empowerment .

 500 RPM  already has more than 2000 people trained in the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of the mills  . Once the members of the association arrive in the rural community, they train the beneficiaries in the assembly of the mill. After the settlement of the tower, the community is summoned to an event so that everyone knows and learn to sip this new form of  energy  that benefits everyone. After their departure, they continue to follow up the case.

Environmental Conservation Fund

This year, the organization was one of the four winners of the Banco Galicia Award in partnership with Fundación Williams, in the tenth edition of  the Environmental Conservation Fund . His project for the training and manufacture of Piggot wind turbines in Epulef Village in  Chubut  received a prize of 250,000 pesos.

And they're going for a lot more.

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