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Breakfast as a gift for students

The equation was turned over. One day, teachers gave their students a gift. It was for Student Day, in the Uco Valley.

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escuela del Valle de Uco

The historical logic of the school system in our country  marks that it is students who give gifts to teachers. The red, bright and polished apple on the teacher's desk is the most eloquent scene of this practice.  Because we wanted her, because we were looking for better grades, because our parents forced us. For any of those reasons, many left, sometime, some gift on some  teacher's desk. 

When Teacher's Day came, gifts rained. Pens, notebooks, scorers, bracelets, hoops and, of course, apples, overbaled the teachers' desk. However, for Student Day, our banks remained empty throughout the day. Just, and hopefully, some teacher felt sorry for our situation and gave us a card with a thoughtful message.

However, this seems to have changed. At least  he changed for a moment at a school in Valle de Uco in Mendoza. There, teachers distributed breakfasts to the sixth year students of the Technical School of La Consulta to entertain them for Student Day . It is that this 2020 students from all over the country faced an atypical and never seen before school cycle. The dynamics of the coronavirus pandemic forced students and teachers to deal with education in a different way, with a lot of effort from both sides.

The months passed and  arrived on September 21.The classic festivities for the arrival of spring were canceled and the boys were forced to spend the day in their homes,  away from their peers and their teachers. As a result, three teachers from the  technical school of La Consulta decided to give home to house a breakfast as a gift to the 41 sixth year students. 

The idea came from  teachers Marcela Maldonado, Verónica Coronel and María Adriazola and, after commenting it with the rest of the teachers, they put down to work. In addition, the officers, preceptors and managers were joined. The idea was thinking a few weeks earlier, when they started to raise the money.  Some deposited silver on the account of the organizing teachers, and others cooked minitarts,   chocolates   and other things. 

It is important to note that  in this school children attend almost all day.  That's why, accustomed to that routine, quarantine displaced them from reality. From one moment to the other, they no longer saw their friends, they didn't play in the school yard, they didn't have their hated or favorite subjects, etc. Suddenly they should have stayed at home. Given this situation, the plan was developed that culminated in the delivery of the 41 boxes.

Given the restrictions that were in force on Student Day in Mendoza,  the signs decided to make the deal the day before. So Marcela, Veronica and Maria got up at six o'clock in the morning and traveled 200   kilometers   to deliver 40 breakfasts.  

Next to breakfast, the teachers gave him a last gift, a great idea. This is  a key ring with a QR code for students to scan. He directs them to Facebook, to a closed group where all teachers sent greetings to students through photos and videos. Thus, over the hours the boys went on to the page and began to share photos and exchange messages with the rest of the participants. 

While the action was aimed at students, it also became a small celebration for  families  that are also traversed by the pandemic.

Publication Date: 23/09/2020

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