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Around the world in an inflatable game

Facundo and Carina made their own a simple and invaluable cause: to bring smiles to the children of the world. Oh, how? Through an inflatable game. Meet them.

Stories of people
La vuelta al mundo

Many people dream of living traveling. Facundo Mattos dreamed of living traveling, and helping. His goal is to bring smiles to the children of the world and he succeeded almost literally. Together with Carina Belofiglio, they are in charge of Expedition Smile, a project consisting of “a dream, a vehicle and an inflatable game”, as they themselves define on their website. They have

been bringing joy to children in orphanages and rural communities for more than 5 years. They have already toured different countries in America, Africa and Asia. And they go for more.

Let Facundo tell us his own story:

In the world there are millions of children living in unhealthy conditions, being enslaved and tormented day after day
My name is Facundo Mattos and under this premise I started in 2014 the first round the world in my truck next to an inflatable castle, visiting orphanages and places in need. As in every beautiful tale there is always a place for love; in 2016 Carina Belofiglio joined the project and together we have traveled America, Africa, Asia and we continue on the route.
In 2018 we decided to take our project to a larger and more permanent level. We seek to create a solidarity network of inflatable games around the world, and thus reach more children. We want to provide you with a permanent play space where love, education and containment are transmitted.
Our commitment to society is to give children with violated rights the new chance to smile again.

Facundo Mattos - Expedition Smile

Publication Date: 11/06/2019

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