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Argentinos solidarity: “Adopt a letter”

That we Argentines are in solidarity is no longer discussed. Therefore, when projects such as “Adopt a letter” appear, they must be disseminated with all possible strength.

Stories of people

The New Year holidays remove good and bad feelings, if we are on a favorable streak we will see all pink color and if we are having a hard time, the feeling will be enhanced by a thousand . But what already seems like a kind of phrase made is verified for the umpteenth time: Argentines will have thousands of problems, but we are a very solidarity.

Therefore, and because I am convinced that these behaviors are contagious, I wanted to share with all the readers of Ser Argentino a group called Adoptá una carta. The idea is this: a group of friends, who met in what we might call “the Buenos Aires night”, one day they decided to stop getting together just to have fun and to gather forces to, among all, lend a hand. Initially, they raised funds to buy food and diapers for children's hospitals. But it didn't reach them. They wanted something else, something that really changed things. And they found him.

“ Adopt a letter” is born

Children, even if they are sick, when Christmas approaches, think of Santa Claus. So, these Argentines for whom we should all take off our hats, thought it would be nice to gather the children's letters to try to satisfy their wishes. They spoke with the authorities of Ricardo Gutiérrez Children's General Hospital, who immediately approved the project. The hardest part was missing: finding the volunteers.

But it was difficult only in their minds: in a very short time there were already many who were willing to take care of buying one of the toys requested in those letters. Once purchased, they brought the gift closer to the group, which gathered them together for Santa Claus to distribute them on December 24. For letters that remain without “godfather”, solidarity activities are organized to raise funds. As I tell you this, I cry with emotion, I can't imagine what children and their families should feel. Once again, the demonstration that to do good to others all it takes is a desire and a little creativity. For more Argentines like these!

Publication Date: 27/11/2019

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