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Are Cordobeses chic & deco?

We tell you the story of an influencer who does not stop succeeding in Cordoba. Is it that Cordobeses are chic and are we interested in the world of deco?

 Alejandra Esquivel is the mentor of House Chic.   The social network account of interior design photographs has  already exceeded 100 thousand followers  and his profile is one of the most viewed. It is a Cordobese, whose followers are  mostly also Cordobese . So we can come to an incipient conclusion...  are we Cordobans chic?  

This  recognized personality in networks and in the world of architecture and deco  works from a premise:  “It is not always the house you want, but the one you have”.   With this line , it shows daily the  latest trends in decoration, interior design and lifestyle . But it also shows economic and easy to achieve the space of your dreams.  


Ale invites his followers to discover the best decoration tricks to  love and enjoy the house that is inhabited:  the one that touched us, beyond whether we chose it previously or not.  With a community  of more than 100,000 followers, he proposes  viable ideas for those who are not experts and inexpensive advice  that suit all budgets. His tips are  3B: Good, beautiful and cheap.  

Telling the story itself

Her social network of photographs was built at the same time she shared  how she was restoring and decorating her own home.    “ I bought my house without seeing it. It was a very important economic opportunity and it was very well located. But  when I came in, it was a mess.   Housing required a lot of improvements and we had already invested all our savings, in addition to the bills we had left to pay,”  Ale told the Cordoba media. Without extra budget he decided  to deal with many of the arrangements and remodeling on his own,   learning on the go . So, almost without wanting it, he also began to erect his account on social networks.

 “ I started searching the internet for information  to see how I could do things.  I learned to plastering, to pass wires, to take advantage of centimeters, natural light, arrangement of furniture. At the same time, my neighbor asked me a lot; then, I realized that  I was seeing many possibilities that others didn't see,”   she explains. Instagram, according to  her, opened digital doors   to her to access  people's homes and  just a click away.  

Ale today

 Alejandra is 40 years old, married and has two children.   With his  House Chic  account he manages to capture the attention of hundreds of followers and create a faithful community around the trends in decoration.  Far from being millennial or centennial   ,   he learned patiently  to use networks and today's technological world. Thus,  he knew how to make  Instagram a unique working tool  and exploit it to the fullest with the knowledge acquired .  

Around the world?

 Ninety percent of his followers are women , mainly from Buenos Aires, followed by the Cordovan women. Argentina, and secondly Spain, as one of the countries in which it has the most reach. For the  instagrammer,  the main differential of your account is that  your suggestions are low-budget  and  anyone can make them.  

Ale's five deco tips:

Remodel your home and leave it with Cordovan tonada!

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