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Antarctica, no coronavirus

What is life on the white continent like? Although no cases of COVID-19 have been detected in Antarctica, its inhabitants make their contributions.

Stories of people
Antártida sin coronavirus

It is not worth a thorough review of the data that, daily, is leaving the spread of COVID-19 in the world. However, it is interesting to know that  the virus has been identified in America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe.  And, as a result of this, anyone could say that coronavirus is all over the world. But no.  There is a continent where the pandemic has not arrived:   Antarctica. 

It is the sixth continent in the world, it is estimated that  about 5000 people live and is the only one in which there are no infected or affected by COVID-19  . The population is concentrated in a number of specific points. These are the famous  “bases”,   with sovereignty of different countries, while the vast majority of the territory is not populated.  Hundreds of people are carrying out their Antarctic campaigns.  Over 470 people live in the 13 Argentine bases in Antarctica. 

The most recent  Antarctic campaigns   began before the global outbreak. This meant that the last expeditioners who arrived with scientific missions to the different bases did so before the massive spread of the coronavirus began.  And it's not about points that people get to on a regular basis. However, that does not imply that, in the case of Argentine bases, for example, the national Government has not put in place specific protocols.

 Coronavirus Action Plan 

“We receive from the Government our protocol and, for example,  those bases that are close to each other, or other countries, at the moment cannot have contact. Regular flights to the bases have been suspended or cannot have contact with each other. We're pretty far away, on an island. We are the most isolated, along with the Belgrano Base,”  explains Diego Ferrer.  He is a 41-year-old Mendoza who works within the Protected Areas system of Mendoza  and has a postgraduate degree in Wildlife Management. In Antarctica, it collaborates with tasks of monitoring the flora and fauna ecosystem to add its contributions to the Argentine Antarctic Institute.

 Orkney Base 

In this Argentine base,  15 people share routine, including personnel from the Argentine Navy, the Army and the Air Force . In addition to other professionals such as electronic and computer technicians and the National Meteorological Service.  Its mission is to carry out weekly censuses and surveys of flora and fauna , in addition to controlling geodesy and seismology equipment.

The inhabitants of Orcadas count that it offers vivid landscapes and colors, metallic sea or turquoise green.  The icebergs are closer to the coast by the wind. The orange and yellow of the short sunset stand out, which sneaks between the nearby islands. Mists and, from time to time, some whale there at the end of the world, on the horizon.  

With autumn above, Antarctica has fewer hours of light, less presence of animals and days with blizzards, snowfalls and grays. Only good weather windows allow them to do the scheduled tasks.

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Publication Date: 13/04/2020

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