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Andrés Tejeda, a miller with air of condor

A daring miller. He helped General San Martin cross the Cordillera and contributed to our freedom. But one day he thought he was a bird and died.

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 Andres “Miller” Tejeda. Man mulatto and with skills for  adventure  . As the name suggests, a miller by trade, but with knowledge of abatanar. But he also had scientific knowledge. He had read Da Vinci and studied his drawings. From there he woke up his desire to fly. One of lime and one of sand.  He contributed to the  Sanmartinian gesture, but he died in his attempt to fly. 

He was contacted by  San Martín  because  he needed to reinforce the costumes and clothing of his soldiers  before crossing  the Andes Mountains . Tejeda only milled corn, but  an old bell would serve to obtain the material that would reinforce the garments . Then he took the job. Along with assistants and subordinates, the miller got perfectly what José Francisco was looking for.

One day he was visited by the  General himself: he wanted to make sure everything was going as he intended. And so it was, Tejeda was doing to the letter. Minutes later, pause time. Between talk and math, it was spending the afternoon. And, at one point, the topic of conversation went the other way.  The  mulatto  told San Martin his aspirations to fly . They say that José reminded him of the mythological story of  Icaro , while Tejeda said he knew her, but made a difference: “Icarus wanted to reach the sun, we to freedom.”

 No happy ending 

Weeks later, the  Army of Los Andes  crossed the Cordillera with the well-reinforced clothing. At the same time,  Molinero Tejeda jumped from one of the tallest buildings in the city at that time.  He did it with wings attached to his back. Precarious, leather.  He only managed to plan for a few seconds, quickly fell to the floor, fractured his legs, and a while later, he died. 

So went the life of another of the ordinary men that history has forgotten. But whose name still reminds some village streets or names of some historical sites. There is Molinero Tejeda, another one who contributed to our  freedom .

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Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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