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All for a coffee

This is the story of a typical mendocino bicafeteer. One day they stole his bicafé. Thanks to solidarity, he sold coffee again.

They're a classic, and they deserve a separate note, the  traveling coffee growers  in the city of Mendoza. Which, because of their obvious work elements, are called bicicafeteers. And, logically and obviously, they're in their bicafé. I would be encouraged to say that absolutely  all Mendoza once tasted a  coffee  from these nomadic workers. This is a real trade. Which in many cases is inherited, from generation to generation. And there is usually no retirement for this work.

That's Vicente's case. A man who has been serving coffee on his  bike  for  over 30 years . However, the gentleness and trust of this good man were once violated. More precisely, it was the time he went to his usual supplier to buy his supplies, including the typical telgopor thermal cups. The man left his bicafé on the sidewalk and entered the business. But on the way out, 3 minutes later, the coffeetruck was gone. Tamaña was Vicente's surprise. For the first time, in 30 years,  his work element had disappeared.  

 Solidarity on the agenda 

Staff from the trade where Vicente had entered took letters on the matter. They quickly made a  post in    F   a  cebook  to replenish what had been stolen from the traveling coffee maker. In it, they told what had happened and, generating empathy in users, they were achieving their goal. The post quickly achieved thousands of likes and hundreds of shared ones. Thus, society's  solidarity  got  coffee  , sugar, milk and thermos for that the good of  Vicente go back to pedal through the streets of Mendoza. 

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