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A story of love, trees and music

We tell you the story behind the Estancia de la Guitarra, a tribute that became art and icon of a whole city.

It is a  plot of 25 hectares , on which its producer and owner decided to design a guitar. It is located in  General Lavalle Córdoba , a city located in the Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña department, south of the province of Córdoba. The background story of  La   Estancia de la Guitarra  is exciting. That's why we're telling you.

Graciela Yraizoz was the one who had the dazzling idea. Back in  the 1970s.   She wanted to build a space to raise her children and live with her husband. The origin of this desire  was generated on a trip with his family.  Graciela glimpsed, from the top of the Pampas plain, a land shaped like a bucket. And so it aroused the desire to create the shape of a guitar with trees and plants. However, because of his early death, he could not fulfill it.  She died at the age of 25,  leaving her husband and children.

In tribute to his love story,  Pedro Martín Ureta  decided to undertake the project that would fulfill his wife's dream. At only 35 years old, Pedro began to work on the ideal landscape, which would give many a beautiful view. But above all, his wife who would look at her  from heaven.  

This producer worked non-stop  for 5 years,  until he achieved what is now known as Estancia de la Guitarra. This work was mounted by the planting of  more than 7000 trees  of various species. Landscapers and employees of producer Ureta also worked, who had many hands to fulfill his wife's dream. That's how guitar became a reality. And in a gift to the town of General Lavalle which, after his masterpiece, became famous.

 A guitar of pine trees and love 

The guitar is armed with  Californian cypress pine  dark green in the contours. The six strings are made with  medicinal eucalyptus  of a characteristic bluish shade. The bridge and the central star, which decorates the guitar's mouth, are outlined by  cypress pineapple pine trees.   Aviators and lovers of the heights can enjoy the beautiful show. However,  its creator never saw the work from the heights  as it is not to his pleasure to fly.

Google Earth and NASA discovered this amazing overview. And since then, General Lavalle's Guitar Estancia reached fame. Today the Estancia de la Guitarra is a legacy that Pedro Martín Ureta left to his children, after having died in 2019,  at his 79 years old.  

Thank you, Pedro!

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