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A charity laundry room in San Juan

A group of young people from San Juan work hard in a car wash to give a bottle of milk to the children of Villa Etcheverría.

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Un lavadero solidario en San Juan

Arguably,  Lavadero Alem is a small business dedicated to car cleaning; in fact it is, but it is also a space where  companionship and the   solidarity . Here a group of people from the province of  San Juan  work hard to bring a bottle of milk or chocolate to those who need it most. Without a doubt, a selfless gesture that fills the people of Sanjuanino with pride.

The initiative was born in 2019 when the owner of the laundry room and its employees decided to launch a solidarity company. At that time, food was received in exchange for washing a car . The goal was to help the Los Berros community.Fortunately, the proposal was well received and, thanks to the collaboration of the people, they managed to raise a significant amount of food. Motivated by that first experience and afflicted by the difficult situation of many families in Argentina, these young people decided that it was time to get  back to the  work. So, what started with a donation was transformed into a picnic that bears the same name as the laundry room.

In a large pot they managed to prepare the richest snacks and, when they are not working in the laundry, they are devising ways to continue with solidarity work. At the moment, the space offers a glass of milk or chocolate to the children of  Villa Echeverría.  “ We move for this with the silver we get from car washes.  At first we set out only one day in the week, but we hope to go to three so the kids can have their snack. We will work everyone here in the laundry room, they never let go of my hand, I propose ideas and accompany me, they say yes,” says one of those responsible.

The laundry and its proposal quickly acquired diffusion and a  bakery  offered to make donations  so that the children can accompany the milk with andnbsp; something sweet.Hoping that wills will be added to this beautiful project, the next step is to continue to get collaborations. They said they do not rule out a new solidarity campaign to exchange  “sugar for a car wash.”  In times of a  pandemic , any action is welcome to accompany those families who are going through a harsh economic moment.

For now, and because of the need for social distancing, children move on to withdraw their bottles. However, the team is optimistic and expects the pandemic to pass quickly so they can see the  little ones sitting at the table with their cups enjoying  a warm glass of milk.

Publication Date: 03/08/2020

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