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A small entrepreneur

Simon is a child who started his own project a year ago: he bought chicks, raised them and today he sells eggs to his neighbors. We tell you his story.

The  entrepreneurial  spirit and the desire to get ahead sometimes come with one.  Simon  is a boy from the town of  Saladillo   , Buenos Aires province, who last year decided to start, on his own, a small project that today already shows its fruits.

To begin with, he bought 20 baby chicks and devoted himself to caring for them: he gave them light, food and a lot of love. Once they grew up, he built them a chicken coop with nests. When they were ready,  the hens began to lay eggs .

Today Simon already has a constant production: together, on average,  15 eggs every day.  It also has a “stable customer portfolio” to whom he sells what his small venture generates.

With the money he gets, he continues to buy balanced feed for animals. He does cost calculations to see how the business is going and investing again. However,  Simon does not speculate with necessity . In the current context, where many take advantage to raise prices, the child decided not to increase them. The motive? The food he buys to feed the hens did not increase, and the hens continue to lay the same amount of eggs. Simple, logical and yet admirable.

Simon put love and dedication to his project and managed to create a business, which will surely continue to grow. An example that more than one adult could learn from. From here, our congratulations to this little great entrepreneur.

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