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A moving story in Rosario

The story of a rosarina who gave her bike to a delivery man who had been assaulted.

Strict quarantine put the cadeteria among the most  demanded items. In this context,  a rosarina starred in an emotional story that multiplied on social networks . Gisela witnessed something that happened when a boy delivered an order. It was not for her but for some neighbors,  but seeing what was happening she did not hesitate to react in an unexpected way . His generous and exemplifying attitude went viral. In Ser Argentino we choose to share this story because it is one of those that is worth taking as an example to follow.

That of this rosarina really ended up being an unordered delivery. Certainly, Gisela became an example overnight . He probably didn't imagine that on a Saturday near dinner time he would end up giving his bike to a delivery man. The motive? The kid had just lost his own at the hands of two thieves.  The moment was caught by neighbors and the video multiplied on social networks . A bad time with a happy ending in the middle of this pandemic. The current is a moment that made the  delivery  guys the characters that we meet most in the Argentinian streets.

When she gave her bike to the assaulted delivery man, the girl told her she  saw the desperate boy and that gave her a lot of helplessness . Impotence that lasted short, because he quickly reacted with a surprising act of good.

Gisela said that what motivated her to do what she did had no specific origin. She says they just felt a few screams on the sidewalk and, with her husband,  went down to see what happened. They imagined that someone was being the victim of a criminal act  and, almost as a reflection, they were born to go out and help.

 The unthought reaction 

The young woman who shouted had witnessed  how two assailants snatched the boy from the cadeteria . The people who were passing were  outraged . Neighbors began to approach and the delivery man was very distressed. He was still worried about delivering the order. In the presence of Gisela, the kid thought that what he was wearing was for her. And she explained that the fate was two houses later. Faced with the oddity of talking about it when the skinny man had just run out of a bicycle, Gisela was born in solidarity.  “ Take her away, I kept working. If at some point you can get another one, give it back to me” , was what he told the young man while handing him his own bike. This huge gesture was what came up with as a remedy for so much sadness and indignation accumulated. So this 37-year-old dentist just gave her film to the boy. The bike had been her husband's and she herself “retreaded” it to use. Since the quarantine began, Gisela was not riding her bike anymore, because she was afraid of insecurity.

Without the spontaneity of this kind of circumstance, Gisela says she doesn't regret how she reacted. He still understands that that was the best thing he could do to give a hand to someone who was desperate . The dentist recognized that Rosareans are all a little tired of the current reality.  And he said that while everything was going on in the middle of the street, two patrol cars passed and none stopped, although the neighbors called them to scream. 

Gisela doesn't even know the name of the boy she helped. But all of us who don't know about this story do know one thing: there are good people left in this world.  They're people who deserve to be imitated.

Rating: 0/5.