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A madrynense will cross the Andes

Gustavo Esposito will fulfill his dream of being able to cross the Andes and celebrate the New Year on horseback. We tell you his story and his dream.

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This 56-year-old Mendocino is based in  Puerto Madryn  more than 25 years ago.  He always dreamed of crossing the Andes   like our  General San Martín   , but for one thing or another he postponed it. Today, it's a fact that already has a date on your calendar. It will be at the end of the year, when you will live this experience on  horseback .

With the hand of a group of Mendoza friends who provide this service,  the crossing of the Andes will begin on December 28.  The adventure  will last 6 days  , so it will start in 2020 on top of a mule in the  Alta Cordillera . Amazing way to celebrate the start of a new year!

The starting point will be from the town of Los Molles,  Mendoza province. There they will start the parade early in the morning, touring from the  Valley of the Mendinos  to the  Valle Hermoso  . The next day, they will depart west, passing through  Arroyo Trujillo . After one more day of travel they will reach the limit with Chile. The famous landmark of Paso  Santa Elena , which is at an altitude 2240 meters above sea level. That will be the crucial moment of this experience, and the point of return home.

 About what the routine will be 

The group that will accompany Gustavo on this adventure will be 20 people. Two tour guides and mules will be added to them, who are the divas at this crossing.

 The horseback riding will last around 3 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon , and may vary the order depending on the day. These will not be followed, as there will be intermediate stops for taking photos, stretching your legs, and also eating something.

There are specific areas with wind chunks, where  camps will be set up to spend the nights . These are already preset during the journey. With regard to temperatures, adventurers will enjoy between 10° to 20º during the day.Nights will be colder and variable, being able to find temperatures from 0º to 10º.

 Sensations in the first person 

I feel very happy and anxious for that day to come. It's something I've waited for all my life. It was a dream that started with some naivety a few years ago, and it became stronger and deeper than big. I wanted to venture into this experience in that breathtaking and beautiful natural environment, which I was a part of during the time I lived in Mendoza.

 Gustavo Esposito  

Publication Date: 12/11/2019

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By: Esteban Zanluchi 12 November, 2019

Ese es mi tio, si señor te deseo lo mejor viejito te quiero mucho y te damos todo el apollo desde Fort Worth Texas ,abrazos.

By: Ronén Esposito 12 November, 2019

Vamos con ese Madrynense a donde sea!!! Buena travesía!!! Me alegro que todavía en los periódicos publiquen cosas de soñadores, antes que la violencia y el desamor que ronda nuestras calles!!!! Saludos desde Catamarca

By: Antonella Roldán 14 November, 2019

Hermoso mi tío! ! Qué Dios te cuide y disfrutes mucho de cumplir tu sueño. ... Te vamos a apoyar en lo que necesites! !

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