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A juggler dog?

We tell you the story of a love without borders: the love of a juggler boy who adopted a stray dog from Brazil from which he never separated again.

  Alejandro is 27 years old and a lifetime full of travel and adventure.     The young man was experiencing   one more of his many trips. In one of those places that embraced him, fate crossed him with his faithful friend - Fredy.   “The Ale”,   as your friends tell you,   rescued this little dog when he was little.   The meeting took place in a favela in Brazil, and for this giant-hearted kid it was impossible to leave the puppy abandoned.

His Brazilian daily life was going on   between juggling, beaches, dances and different events.   Remember:   “He had been abandoned inside a box on the door of a neighbor's house in São Luis do Maranhão, where I was stopping. She already had two dogs, so I kept it,”   Alejandro Rochi Paez tells the media. The Fredy, for that time,   went into the palm of one hand.     Her puppy look   could be made place in any heart, however, the Ale was the one   made him a special place in his.  

While taking advantage of his spare time, Alejandro connected   with your dog friend   and trained him to   to learn how to do tests.   That's how Fredy and Ale started   its unshakable bond   , which maintain to this day and transcend any type of borders:   interprovincial and international levels.  

Travel to grow

Alejandro was born in Cordoba, but   he grew up traveling the world.   At 20 years old he left Unquillo, Córdoba, to embark on “a liberating journey” through northern Argentina. He left his job in a motor factory and   abandoned the comforts of his house.   Gathered courage   and, without looking back   ,   went without a date of return.          

  “I ventured because you don't know everything that awaits you until you're on the route. In total they were   11 months of travel.   Savings are out of me soon, they're never enough.   He lived from making handicrafts and juggling at traffic lights.”    

Going up and enjoying the landscape, he was traveling, working and getting to know   Ecuador, Chile and later Brazil.   It adopted the route as a lifestyle, and the tent as a favorite home. He stayed   in the eyes of fellow travelers,   and every time he could,   took place in an open hearted home.  

Faithful friend

In 2015 he arrived in Brazil. Already in the north, determined to continue his journey   in a different way,   bought   a bike to pedal to Sergipe, Joao Pessoa and São Luis do Maranhão.     “I was traveling with other backpackers and   is it very common   pedal accompanied   by a dog   because they are companions and they adapt well. I was missing mine... and we met.   He was only two months old when he was abandoned, he was full of fleas and ticks.   I cured him and we never broke up again.”  

A bike for Fredy

  Alejandro put together a special basket on his bike   to take wherever you go to your puppy. He refurbished his bike with saddlebags and powerful gears and added the adapted cart to   take Fredy on every adventure       .   “I give you a sign,   climbs and installs on your mattress   . He's super trained to travel, because he has been doing it from three months.   Fredy is calm and obedient, the best companion there is”   .   This duo already   visited eight Brazilian states, including the Amazon.     But not the whole tour   It was easy.   “Fredy was hit by a van and almost died. I've been rehabilitating for several months, he's a warrior. In the state of Rondonia he was also very sick... but   We always paddle it together.”    

Trained by Alejandro, Fredy,   learned several tricks   :   “He becomes dead, barks when I say 'fala, Fredy' -   ('speaks' in Portuguese) -   and jump with me.   He also does stunts like me, we're two street art lovers.”    

The way back

Alejandro planned his return,   he returned to the country without abandoning his companion dog and now they deliver together to survive the pandemic.   More than a year ago they arrived together in Argentina. They entered the country through Puerto Iguazú and went down to Rosario, where they were installed in a hostel. They are currently in   the city of Cordoba,   but,   along his adventure   , they had their way through other postas.

Reflections on the road

  “I don't believe in meritocracy, that we have to suffer   to have what one wants   On the contrary, first I go out looking for what I want and there I see how I do to survive that.   Traveling alone makes you very safe.   You decide where to sleep, how to solve yourself...   Every day you learn something”,     tells Ale about his way.


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