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A first young man of the Pilaga ethnic group received as a nurse in Formosa

Cornelius wants to return to his village to help his people.

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Se recibió de enfermero un primer joven de la etnia Pilaga en Formosa

Cornelio García is the  first member of the Pilaga ethnic group to receive as a nurse  and, from the town Rincón Bomba, plans to return to his village to help his people. He just received a university nurse at the National University of Formosa, where he arrived four years ago with the dream of studying and being able to receive a nurse “so I can return to work in the local hospital and help my people,” he told Telam.

His family is composed of his father, Agustín, already retired; his mother, Gregoria; his older brother, Nelson, 27; Renato, 23, who works in Salta; and his younger sister Ema, who already finished high school and intends to study the career of Safety and Hygiene.
The university life of Cornelio began in 2015, at the National University of Formosa, after studying at the Provincial School of Primary Education number 448, and continued secondary in Annex II of the Secondary Education Center number 7, both in its same community, Rinc& oacute; n Bomb.

“ When I finished my studies I came directly to Formosa with the idea of studying nursing. I wanted to start and finish a university career, something that is often difficult for us by distances (to the centers of study) and by economic issues,” said Cornelio.
He also recalled that when he arrived, in 2015, “I had a lot to socialize, I didn't talk to anyone. For me the Faculty was something unknown, I didn't know who to talk to, I came and was lost, but I managed to break that barrier, I started talking to my colleagues, asking for notes to form study groups... It cost me, but I did.”
He said he lost a year in the Faculty because of his economic situation: “My parents couldn't help me; my goal was always to receive me, so I looked and managed to cut the grass in the building of a cooperative. I was also doing other things so I could get ahead and finish my career.”

Cornelius is as a boyfriend with a young wichi, who also studies nursing.
A difficult time he lived was when his grandfather died, in 2017. He said that “I wanted to quit the race, but I was motivated by my grandmother's words and I was able to continue.”

In Formosa, more than 20,000 children and young people from different ethnic groups are involved in different levels and modalities of the education system, and Formosa is one of the pioneering provinces in the form of Bilingual Intercultural Education.
Among these 20,000 children and young people there are more than 200 university students and some 600 students at the various provincial Institutes of Teacher and Technical Training.

Source: Telam

Publication Date: 21/03/2019

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