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A different birthday

Maria Luz and Rodrigo are mother and son and both turn their years on the same day. This year, the celebration became a solidarity action at the Gandulfo Hospital.

Stories of people

The quarantine forced many to suspend plans. Among them, birthday celebrations. This is the story of a mother and her child, who were born on the same day - on June 10. This year, they were both inaugurating a new decade.  Maria Luz turned 70 and Rodrigo, 40 . For the celebration, they had a big party scheduled, with salon and souvenirs included.  But, pandemic at the same time, the plans changed. Rodrigo Piñero Campbell  is a  chef .  María Luz  is a retired speech doctor and, for 30 years, has been a volunteer in the Oncology area of the  Gandulfo Hospital   , in Lomas de Zamora  (Buenos Aires province). If there is something that runs through the veins of that family, it is   solidarity  .

Mother and son decided to turn their celebration into an initiative that was intended to thank the health staff who battle day by day against  COVID-19 :  they cooked lunch for all  hospital workers.  

Rodrigo announced it on his networks:

On June 10th we will be cooking an exquisite lentil stew to give lunch to all the staff! It is a token of gratitude for all those who day by day put their own health into play to  care  for ours   and tell them that they are not alone and an eternal thank you!”

That was how Rodrigo began his day at 6 in the morning and got down to work. By noon, lunch was ready:  240 servings of lentil stew  for  doctors, nurses, stretchers, assistants, cleaning staff, security and administrative staff  of the Gandulfo Hospital. Maria Luz could not be present at that time, because she belonged to the population at risk, but she accompanied the initiative from the first moment.

The inherited solidarity

This initiative was not the first solidarity action carried out by this family. 30 years ago, Maria Luz approached the headquarters of the  Argentine League for the Fight against Cancer  (LALCEC) to  volunteer . This is how he began to attend Gandulfo Hospital, where he contains people undergoing chemotherapy treatments. It helps them cope with that difficult moment through art: it teaches them how to draw.

Rodrigo, meanwhile, has been in charge of the  NGO “ Ayudame a ayudame a ayudar Lomas ” since 2012, from which he carries out collections to assist vulnerable families in Lomas de Zamora. Prior to that, he was already involved in various volunteer actions and was a member of Sur Solidario. His chef experience helps him a lot when carrying out actions of this kind.

Full belly, happy  heart  and a huge  tribute  to those who are doing the most against this battle we are waging together. Applause for Maria Luz and Rodrigo.

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Publication Date: 18/06/2020

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