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A chocolate shop and a lot of quality of life

He left his job and the well-being of a comfortable city life. He moved with his whole family to the mountain, in Mendoza, where he gained quality of life.

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We got to   Piedras Blancas, Mendoza.   There, for years, works the   chocolatiers   Hansel and Gretel. Picturesque, mountain. Ideal to consume your specialties on a day of   snow   and very cold. However, what really attracts in the place is its life story. Is that   Hugo had everything. Or, at least, what the system proposes to us as progress or success in life.   But, actually, more than having it, Hugo understood everything. He slashed the door at the company, proposed the idea to his family, and for years.   lives on the mountain   . A decision with which he lost money, but gained quality of life.

He is an engineer and worked as head of maintenance for long years in one of the   wineries   most important of Mendoza. Or, at least, with the most expensive wines. However, he was not satisfied. It's just that the money he earned was not enough for the   quality of life   what I wanted. And we're not talking about the material, but about the sentimental. “We came 13 years ago. We always wanted to make a twist in our way of living and doing it more in line with nature. We were following the magic recipe that the system gives you to be happy. They tell you that you have to study, work, start a family member. AND   one feels that never reaches that   carrot   that every day they run you a little more.”  

  Decision taken  

“We got tired and we came here,     following a dream     . We're calm.   It is enough for us to have our basic needs covered: roof, food, heating, education for children. Then we have plenty of time to enjoy.   There is an item called   quality of life   . If you put a value to that and we put it into the economic balance, it will give us a totally different result from what you normally follow,” says Hugo, generating an inevitable comparison and rethinking in anyone who listens to it.

However, the chocolatiery was not the first project. “We started with a hostel. We were five years with that, we did very well.   We travel all over the world without moving home   , because one day we ate with a   japanese   , another day with a   bolivian   and the other with a   Mexican   . I was going from one end of the world to the other. All beautiful people.”

The hours of service in a stay are permanent, so they decided to turn to another project, guaranteeing the quality of life they had found: “But when my second child was born, we set out to look for something calmer, that will give us time.   Because the hostel is full time dedication. You have to stay all night attending people.   and you wake up in the morning and follow.”

  Hansel and Gretel  

So, came the dream of the   chocolatiers   that, when you visit it, warns that it has details and some aspects of fantastic tales. ”   The chocolate shop is quieter. It allows us to have opening hours.   Suddenly we have an event one night, but at 23:00 we close and go.”

As for the attention paid on the spot, also ensuring the quality of life of diners, Hugo comments on his secret formula:”   I've put this together thinking as a consumer. What happens to me when I go to a place with the family? I need my kids to be entertained.   If they are contained, I can consume it quietly, but if they are jummy and have nowhere to be, I can't relax. So if you see it from the consumer's point of view, using empathy, and we apply it in business, we're going to do very beautiful things.”

Publication Date: 26/06/2020

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