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A baby in quarantine

With the quarantine, the world was paused, but pregnancies continued their course. What is it like to have a baby in the middle of the pandemic?

Stories of people
Embarazada preguntas

 I've known Caro since we were three years old . Throughout our lives, we share absolutely everything. Kindergarten, school, outings, holidays, love disappointments and love forever: 5 years ago Morita was born, her first daughter and my first goddaughter. A few months ago, she gave me another beautiful news:  I was going to be a mom again . This time, from a male. What we didn't know at the time was that that baby was going to be born  in the middle of a pandemic .

No one would have imagined what happened: a virus is beating the world and, as a consequence, much of the planet is  quarantined .  Looks like a movie, but it doesn't . Barbijos,  social distance  and deserted streets today are part of our day to day. In Argentina, since March 20, we are all kept in our homes, with our lives almost stopped, waiting for this to happen. But there are some things that can't be paused. With the coronavirus spinning,  many babies are coming into the world  in an unexpected context.

Welcome, Juani

Juani was born on April 8. The clinic where they were hospitalized is a few blocks from my house, but I couldn't get to know him. This time,  I couldn't share that special moment with my friend . Not me, not grandparents, no one. The  fees  taken during the hospitalization were maximum: in the clinic there were cases of   coronavirus   , so the parents' fear was always present. The doctors sent them home as soon as they could. Once the baby was ready and the mother somewhat recovered, they all returned home  to follow the  quarantine as a family  , along with their little sister.

They are all fine and have everything they need, but there is something that leaves a slight bitter taste to the beautiful experience of having a new baby in the family.  All presentations in society went to the distance : photos, videos and video calls. Grandparents, uncles, cousins, friends,  no one could meet Juani . No one, either, can go give a hand to the family, how well it comes in such situations.

But, as I said to Caro the other day, when this happens,  the reunions are going to be beautiful . Hugs on pause will be even stronger. And when it's big, you can tell Juani that she was born at a unique moment in history. That baby and every baby born in these months will have something very special in common that they will share forever.

Publication Date: 23/04/2020

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