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6 months of fame and a tragedy

We tell you the story of the man who lived a stroke of luck, fortune and fame. But the one who lasted very little the celebration.

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This story has as  its protagonist a Cordovan   who won 15 million pesos six months ago in the pool.  Between his luck, fortune and fame, he celebrated and knew how to live a  happy 6 months. Eduardo Martí   won Quini 6  in November 2019. It was a controversial case, as a neighbor and friend accused him of fraud and treason. Victoria Castellano,  her neighbor , said that this man would have played  the same numbers as her.  And that he attributed the victory alone.

Eduardo Martí, a  native of Villa Dolores , a town of Cordoba, was  58 years old as  an ordinance employee in the City's Judicial Branch.  And he was consecrated as the winner of the jackpot, with a total amount of  33 million pesos.  However,  the prize was not everything to him.  He shared it with the neighbor who accused him of stolen his fortune numbers. So each took  about 15 million pesos.  

In the period when chance and luck were on his side,  Eduardo became famous . The media interviewed him and he showed himself at all times. He even took pictures with the  winning ticket.  The role of victory numbers:  03, 10, 11, 20, 25 and 30.  Generally, the winners of millionaire wells  preserve their identity  for safety issues. But it was not the case of Eduardo Martí, who came to fame showing himself in  all media.  


 Celebrate to Survive 

Eduardo Martí  nothing took away the joy . So he celebrated his prize with a  massive party of almost 200 guests.  He hired a music band,  with an open bar  and  full rag lights.  The celebration was named  “Quinifest”.  These episodes brought him to fame, and suddenly Eduardo Martí became  the celebrity of his people. 

But not everything that shines is gold.  His life of luck, fortune and fame lasted shortly.  Just six months after his story took an unexpected but fortuitous turn,  a tragedy happened.   After a stroke, Eduardo Martí spent two  weeks in a Cordovan clinic  . A few days later, he died.  He left his three daughters and three grandchildren, with his fortune.  Eduardo Martí left his relatives the image of a happy being. Because, with the prize, he was able to enjoy his last days.

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Publication Date: 13/05/2020

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