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The Scissors Warrior and Her Solidarity Wigs

Adriana Nakatsuka fights cancer every day, in a task that turns her into a scissors warrior, giving hope to others.
Stories of ordinary people
| 11 February, 2020 |

Adriana Nakatsuka is a missionary to whom life has put a tough rival in front: cancer. In society this disease has an atrocious picture, when talking about cancer many of us link it with death. But Adriana explains that this is no longer the case, explains that today the treatments are much more encouraging and generate greater chances of survival. Today she is an illustrious citizen of her community, carrying out her project of Solidarity Wigs for people with cancer. Arming free wigs for cancer patients.

When Nakatsuka received the news of his illness, it was a traumatic and painful situation. Both for her and her three children and her husband. Although she explains that there appeared resilience, that capacity of every living being to adapt, strengthen and live with its reality. In addition to this, she developed her empathy, learned to put herself in the place of others in all situations, not only in stressful or painful ones.

The other blow

Cancer makes its blows felt, not only inwardly in who suffers it, but in his image as well. Treatment has an effect common in many, hair loss. Hair is part of our image, our presentation, also defines what our personality is. It missionary, as I expected, lost her hair and needed a wig. This one cost $30,000. For some it may be an accessible figure, but for many others don’t. Adriana is a hairdresser in Oberá and began to investigate how to make herself the wigs.

This put her in contact with a lady from Buenos Aires who was carrying out a project of Solidarias Wigs. He lent wigs to cancer patients. He told him that everything was armed and made with materials and donated hair. In an act of greatness, he sent a wig to the young missionary and also handkerchiefs and turban to wear on her head.

This boosted the desire to launch its own solidarity wigs project. The missionary trained with different tutorials and was able to put together her first wig. A fundamental detail is that Nakatsuka is a hairdresser, and that gives her other knowledge to face her situation.

The Warrior with the Scissors

Adriana Nakatsuka is fighting a very strong enemy, but her swords today are her scissors. And decided to launch the project Solidarity Wigs Missions. An idea that, through donations, ensures that a patient can receive his wig absolutely free. In addition, his project has not only been launched, it has become popular in his community. For this reason, in addition to weapons, Adriana has an army of people who collaborate to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The scissors warrior confesses that working with children is emotionally hard.

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