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The reincarnation of Michael Jackson

Turns out Michael Jackson is taking fernet now. We tell you the story of the reincarnation of the artist who
Stories of ordinary people
06 January, 2020

This is John Palacios, who is endowed with the same talents as pop star Michael Jackson. His dances and singing invade the pedestrian every day. This man, blessed with incredible artistic abilities, makes the week happy to the Cordoba. He became an icon of the city center. And besides, he has his fans, who watch him dance every day.

To the time it is, you see him: the Cordoba Michael Jackson. Always delighting your public on the pedestrian. John Palacios entertains us with loud music and pop hits that yes or yes make you move the body.

He is 37 years old, and is native to Peru. However, it has been in Cordoba for many years. Since his arrival, he has been taking steps in the streets of Cordoba. He’s a real street talent and fills the streets with good vibe.

This street artist was born with dance in the blood. Her lullaby was “Thriller.” And the classic that always plays in his shows is “Beat It”. We cordobeses give him the hang of it all the time. Thousands of viewers record it, take photos of it and even upload videos online. John Palacios is already famous. Some of his videos exceed 17 million views. But he, he still chooses the pedestrian to dance. His training is daily, and every day he looks more like Michael Jackson himself. Looks like his double, his reincarnation.

The best imitator from the cradle to the drawer

“ Never I took dance lessons, I learned watching black and white videos. While my dad encouraged me and corrected me details of gestures and steps,” he says.

He’s a professional, and he doesn’t stop working to look more and more like the pop star. In his briefcase, which he carries everywhere, he has prepared several changes of clothes. With many different looks, the artist offers us thousands of shows in one. And people always leave him collaborations, because he does his job better than anyone else.

If you go downtown, let’s see it!

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