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The popular librarian

Mobilized solely by love and passion, Griselda Zandoná, the popular librarian, travels Mocoretá and other cities in Entre Ríos carrying
Stories of ordinary people
| 27 December, 2019 |

To say that people read less and less would be irresponsible. On the contrary, with technology, it is read more and more. But the content is generally inconsequential and does not contribute much to our growth. But who continues to take care of constructive and enriching reading in Mocoretá, Entre Ríos, is Griselda Zandoná, a popular librarian.

The Biblioteca Popular Mariano Moreno is a dream that Griselda and his life partner, Sergio Niz. This started 5 years ago and “Gray” fulfills many functions within this one. Her work, in the papers, only presents her as a librarian and for a few hours she receives a modest sum. Even if his work is much bigger.

At the end of high school, the popular librarian, without imagining to be, traveled to the capital of Corrientes to seek a dream. She studied and received herself as a lawyer. He returned to Mocoretá with the illusion of practicing his profession, but some difficulties and restrictions prevented him from doing so. The situation for her became complicated because, moreover, she suffers from an incurable illness since her adolescence that reduces her motor skills. But that was not enough to stop her: Griselda’s dream changed and her strength pointed to help, which led her to the library.

The relationship between Gris Zandoná and the library is symbiotic: “It changed my life, it transformed me and I also believe that I transformed it”. The popular librarian devotes practically all her time and life to this library.

The Mariano Moreno Popular Library

It is a small rented premises, without enough space to save all books. The space is so small that visitors should not exceed 15 people. But the love and passion that sustain it are giants. The library is now supported by members of the civil association without for profit. It also receives subsidies from national governments and provincial, and financial assistance from the Municipality.

Children and the reading

Only 15 children can enter, but there are many more times. “I don’t remember a single day that a childdidn’t come,” said the popular librarian of Mocoreta. Readings and improvised activities cheer up and help the development of children in the community. Zandoná says that taking children to reading is not difficult, but families should encourage and motivate reading at home. The stories and texts that attract the most children are those with animals, but also Japanese stories like manga.

Solidarity tasks

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