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The one who does not risk does not win: the dream of the kid

We tell you the story of the two cordobeses who played it to fulfill the dream of the kid. They
Stories of ordinary people
Te contamos la historia de los dos cordobeses
29 November, 2019

The Cordobes took a chance and sold everything to go to fulfill the boy’s dream. They left their jobs, their families and even sold their cars so they could go try their luck in Europe. The idea, in principle, seemed like a joke. It’s crazy. However, the madmen cheered up and there they go, wandering around the Old World. They’re 27 years old, Lucas Perlog and Santiago Carrara. They managed to play in a club of the European leagues. Today they are part of FC Cardenazzo of Switzerland, and they do not stop beating. Their inner circle (and not so intimate) thought they were deranged. They didn’t think they’d cheer up. But Perlo and Santi took the stick anyway. They didn’t care about anything! And yes, whoever doesn’t risk doesn’t win. And the boys were encouraged to make a drastic change in their lives.

Their friends, their families and their co-workers did not believe them. Until the day came, and the kids left, little bag in hand. They abandoned their routine lives in the city of Córdoba. They left the Cordovan League, which no longer satisfied them and aspired to more. Today they are part of the European League and continue to grow as football professionals.

The strategy

Maybe they didn’t go so far in the air. The kids have it pretty clear. With the representative company ATCC activated afriendly tour . This is how players from other leagues try to be signed by European clubs. They pay for the trip and test what’s going on with leagues from other parts of the world. Some hit it, and others, unfortunately not. However, Lucas and Santi were lucky. And not just luck, the talent is enough and enough to succeed. Today they aspire to keep growing. They are a Cordoba pride, not only for their talent, but also for their courage.

The Cordobes risked and won. Would you cheer yourself up?


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