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The journey of Mario

A family, who moved from Posadas to Buenos Aires, could not afford the transfer of Mario, his dog, and decided
Stories of ordinary people
Mario Bross
26 January, 2020

Those who have a pet know this very well: the dog is one more member of the family. This story shows us what we are capable of doing for the love we have for these creatures. Jonathan and his family needed to move from Posadas (Misiones) to Adrogué (Buenos Aires). Mario Bross, the black mongrel they have for pet, would go with them. But the costs of the transfer were very high, and the family could not afford them. Then Jonathan decided to make the journey walking.

Gabriela Torres,Jonathan‘s mother, used social media to find people who sympathize with her situation. In a Facebookpet group, he wrote the following message:

A few days ago we were looking for someone who could take our pet to Buenos Aires, since we had to move… We didn’t have enough money to pay a high amount for the service that deals especially with these situations… So, today we start the walk along the route with “Mario Bross”. I appeal to solidarity: if anyone knows someone who is traveling in a direction to Bs. Ace, please comment on this situation, as next to the route Mario will be making finger on this sign… At this moment he will be for a while at the Arch of Posadas… By sharing you will already be helping us to immensity. Mario wants to get to his new home, with his family… Thank you.

Mario Bross

They’re waiting for me in Buenos Aires

The poster Mario and Jonathan had on the side of the route read: “My owners are waiting for me in Buenos Aires”. People showed solidarity in the face of this family situation: networks and local press followed the journey of travelers and started the aid chain . The journey began on Wednesday, December 18, making a finger on National Route 14. The people who crossed them on the route already knew them, so they were adding kilometers in different vehicles, getting closer and closer to the final destination.

“ We were waiting for them,” said the poster that received Jonathan and Mario at the new house in Buenos Aires on Thursday 19 around 19:30. Happy ending to this story full of love and solidarity.

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