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The grandmother who fights the coronavirus

Ilse Buddenberg is a missionary. She's almost 90 years old, she makes chubs for the local hospital. We tell you
Stories of ordinary people
La abuela que le da batalla al coronavirus
| 27 March, 2020 |

Ilse lives in El dorado, Misiones province. She belongs to a generation of women of Germandescent, with the culture of work running through her veins. When the news of the gigantic pandemic came, the missionary grandmother did not panic. It didn’t even shrink a little bit. He uncovered his old adventure companion, the sewing machine. And, with the same determination as years ago, he began to realize what he had done all his life: sewing. Under the rhythmic sound of the artifact, the grandmother sewed and sewed. And she kept sewing. Hundreds and hundreds of solidarity chills destined for the local SAMIC hospital.

Vocation of solidarity

In this fearsome battle between the coronavirus and the elderly, the missionary grandmother is not willing to stand idly by. He hasn’t done it in the past, except now. From a very young age, Ilse Buddenberg fought all kinds of diseases. From colds to epidemics. At the age of 20 he graduated from the Nursing School of the Hospital Alemán, in Buenos Aires. When she moved to Eldorado, she worked as a nurse and instrumentalist at the local sanatorium Buddenberg. Together with her husband, they set up the clinic in their own home. Since then, the missionary grandmother has never stopped sewing beards and overalls for doctors and patients. “In my house, all the white linen of the patients in the sanatorium was always cooked, washed and ironed,” said Ingrid, Ilse’s daughter.

The energetic missionary is far from being an easy target for this pandemic. Ilse still has a driver’s license and drives her car. Like everyone, it does quarantine, but it handles perfectly with WhatsApp. “There is no case, she is independent and manages herself, even if we tremble,” says her daughter. She attributes it to that incredible culture of work. “It’s his attitude after working all his life, hard work,” he said. A few months before she turned 90, Ilse heard that hospitals needed to equip themselves to face COVID-19. He didn’t think twice about it. “Let’s get to work,” he said.

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