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The dream of having your own inn

Today we want to tell you the story of these two marriages who, reaching the age of 60, decided to
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posada en San luis
26 January, 2020

It’s never too late to start having the life you’ve always dreamed of. This is the story of two couples who, in the 60s, encouraged to hit the wheel, sold everything they had in Buenos Aires and created a dream inn in San Juan, opposite the very Andes mountain range.

It all started one day, back in 2012, when Alejandro Gowland had an epiphany: leaving the city and changing his life. In an outburst, he called his brother-in-law, Aurelio Martín, and proposed to join his plan. Alejandro and Aurelius are married to two sisters, Cristina and Claudia. Together, and almost without thinking, the four embarked on this new adventure, at an age when most people are already hanging their gloves.

The chosen place was Barreal, in the province of San Juan. Soon after, they found an ideal plot for their project, in front of the Cordillera de los Andes, surrounded by nature and with the best sunrises and sunsets in the world. Thus, almost as an impulse, the Posada Paso de los Patoswas born.

posada entrada

Start from scratch

None of them had experience in tourism. Throughout their lives, they worked in different professions and business. However, they did not hesitate to bet everything on this dream. They put their savings and sold everything: the candy factory Claudia crafts, cars, furniture and even the house.

Today, the Inn is a success that continues to grow year by year. Its guests are fascinated by the family service, the tranquility of the place and the landscape. They offer a full restaurant with a regional menu and a variety of activities, including horseback riding and rafting.

At first, it cost her children accept this abrupt change in the life of their parents. But when they stepped on for the first time the Inn, they understood everything.

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