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The challenge of resurrecting Pinocchio

Pinocchio, the most emblematic fish restaurant in Puerto Gaboto (Santa Fe), changed hands. Its new owner seeks to rescue its
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| 15 February, 2020 |

Pinocchio is a restaurant that hasmore than 25 years of history. Many different generations passed through his salon. For reasons of age, its former owner had closed it . But Osvaldo Piedra Buena, better known as “Neno” in the village, raised the glove of a gabotero emblem.

Its new owner, Osvaldo “Neno” Piedra Buena, together with his cousin Carlos Piedra Buena, brother Gaston Churches, women and children, all work side by side to carry the restaurant go ahead. This family makes diners feel one more of the family, for the kindness with which they serve their customers.

Osvaldo was a fisherman and hunter, as was his whole family, but he took over the emblematic restaurant and gradually regained its boom from previous times.

The traditional restaurant, now in the hands of Osvaldo and his team, offers all kinds of river fish in all the ways in which you can eat local fish. Sabalo depinado, sloping boga, tararira, fish milanese, fish patties, fish meatball, roasted fish or fried fish are some of the delicacies that can be eaten in this restaurant where you breathe a friendly family atmosphere.


Travel to eat the best fish

There are whole buses that come from Rosario or Santa Fe, exclusively to Gaboto, to eat in Pinocho, because he’s more than famous. “Up to two or three come groups, sometimes from PAMI or people who come because they want to eat the best fresh fish from the area,” said proud Gaston Iglesias.

“ It’s a famous restaurant for their meals based on fish from the Paraná River. We went for the first time and did not let us down. It is a typical village dining room, with a lot of capacity. We ate a steep grill, really . exquisite, like fish patty, fresh salad and potatoes Fried. I recommend always eating the fish without adding any sauce of any kind, to fully enjoy its flavor”, assured Timetable, a client who came from Rosario

Osvaldo said nostalgic that he did not want to let themost emblematic re staurante die and, with work on his shoulder and the support of his family, Pinocchio returns to exist thanks to his efforts, “as in his best times,” he concluded.

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