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She’s trans and got a historic achievement for hockey

We tell you the story of Jessica Millaman, a Chubutense trans hockey player who made a historic achievement for this
Stories of ordinary people
| 24 January, 2020 |

We all know that changing laws is not an everyday thing. It always requires going through long bureaucratic paths and opening up the space for great discussions. However, in times of great progress and changes in the gender perspective, there are issues that cannot be kept waiting. And, in hockey, it was. This is the story of Jessica Millaman, a Chubutan hockey player who made a historic achievement. They were not first places, nor great medals, but a world distinction. So, before the International Olympic Committee, he got the recognition of trans people in all sports.

The principle of everything and its struggle


native of Rawson, Chubut, started her very small sports career in a club in her hometown. However, at the age of 10 he walked away from hockey because he was not comfortable joining a men’s team.

At 15 he slammed the door and left his house. She couldn’t get accepted as a trans girl. in his family, so he decided to move away from the family bosom. Remember how much cost him this loneliness and how much he cried. But, for her, that decision was a springboard to your dreams.

At the time, he tried to locate a trans girl he’d met. a while ago for me to help her. Meanwhile, he slept in different squares of the city. When contacting Camila, he found not only containment, but also lodging for a while.

The puzzle gradually settled, and “step by step” —like ants — Jessica was able to bring her family closer. Frankness, respect and affection could above all damage, and they managed to restore the bond. She remembers that there was a lot of pain, but also a lot of learning.

Its achievement at the global level

In 2014, two years after obtaining her new identity, Jessica stood before the courts. The Hockey Confederation did not allow him to register with his new identity, so he came up with making a video explaining what was happening to him and viralizing him on social media.

“ I had never been in my mind to change world laws of sport, what I wanted was to modify the laws of Argentina, where we have an Identity law of Gender. But the video went viral, the Justice called on the Federation to sign me, my case transcended borders and I think the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was smart and saw it as an opportunity to make a necessary change,” said Jessica.

Since then, trans people were empowered to participate sportsmanship with the gender with which they identify. Thanks to her, the sport paved the way for gender equality.

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